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life-on-new-earth-divine-portal-of-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more “miracle” of modern medicine and at issue there will be laser eye correction that has also been widely introduced all over the world.

And, of course, we will consider this process from the energy point of view, for the results sometimes can be wonderful from the physical point of view.

For a start, let us look into what your eyes are.

Before all, they are the “mirror” of your Soul that transmits to the world everything that takes place inside you.

This is the reason why there have arisen so many epithets in your language reflecting this phenomenon.

So, human eyes can be piercing, cold, angry, impudent, sad, vacant, dull, indifferent, cloudy, lacklustrous or they can be kind, loving, cheerful, deep, intelligent, sympathetic, clear, sparkling…

While one’s words can sometimes deceive, eyes never can.

That is why there have arisen such expressions as “look openly in the eyes” or “hide eyes”, “look arrogantly” or “cast down one’s eyes”.

Eyes can also be deceitful or trustful.

All this is the example of the fact that eyes are an open door to one’s Soul and the one who can read “in the eyes” will never make a mistake.

And, generally speaking, eyes are a Divine portal to your inner world.

But since the third dimension world is too cruel and unpredictable, in the course of time people learnt to hide their true feelings behind the mask and the only thing they cannot hide is their eyes.

Why have I laid such a heavy emphasis on this?

The only reason for this is to make you understand how well grounded should be your decision to let something alien, let alone artificial, penetrate this “Divine Portal”.

Modern surgeons treat human eyes the same way as other parts of the human body – make laser corrections, implant artificial crystalline lenses not caring about the fact they intrude into subtle energy structure of the eye introducing distortion and triggering irreversible changes in it.

Quite often after such operations one’s eyesight really improves and one gets cured of some diseases.

But these diseases did not come out of nothing.

It is eyes that are a vivid example of cause-effect relation, and problems with eyes are ALWAYS triggered by psychosomatic causes the underlying reason of which is most often FEAR.

This is exactly the energy for centuries generated in people that resulted in the fact of almost everyone having problems with their eyesight.

Fear initiates the desire not to see the frightening reality, hide away from it, and the eyes dutifully make your desire come true “blurring” this vision and sometimes just concealing the world from you that you inwardly reject.

Well, what happens when one gets one’s vision artificially recovered?

In one’s Soul there arises the inconsistence between one’s inward feelings and their outward manifestations of them.

And if one is unaware of all these niceties, this disbalance can cause problems with other organs of the body since the body is a WHOLE unit, and if some part of it is unbalanced, it will inevitably influence its other parts too.

Therefore, my dear, if your eyes were operated on, before all, honestly and impartially identify the reason of your disease and start systematic self-improvement work so as to ultimately get rid of the thoughts and emotions that triggered eyesight problems.

It will help you restore the peace of your Soul and will enable you to minimize the consequences of alien intrusion into the Divine Portal of your Soul which is your eyes.

And, certainly, do not forget about the practice “Restoring energy channels” that I offered you in my previous message.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 27, 2021.

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