REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Life in all its diversity)

reptiloids-and-clones-life-in-all-its-diversityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to summarize the series of my messages on reptiloids.

I see that many of you have taken the messages in different ways: for some people the information came as a shock and they were scared by it, for others it resulted in aggression and the desire to act the way you are used to in the dual world – the enemy is identified and should be defeated.

Yet, my dear ones, neither of the approaches can be right.

While dictating these messages I was pursuing the only aim – to show you how diverse the world is and that it is inhabited by various creatures as well as let you know about the gist of the things going on so that you will not go to extremes – not to descend to the low frequency energy of fear, hatred, aggression, censure…

Are lower caste reptiloids to blame that they were created by their superiors the way they are?

What about clones? Did they ask anyone to produce them?

Both the former and the latter are products of the Dragon race, simply tools at their disposal.

The string of evil deeds initiated on Earth several thousand years ago has eventually transformed into a heavy chain forging together both the enslaved humanity and their enslavers.

Both of them are suffering to the equal extent.

The former suffer because they have lost their freedom and Divine conscience, their Soul purity, while the latter suffer because all their efforts have turned out to be in vain and Earth is getting rid of them as inhabitants unworthy living here as it is rising higher and higher to the dimensions with no place for low frequency vibrations they live in.

So, how should you take this information and how should you behave if you realized that some of your family, friends, colleagues and simply strangers are reptiloids, half-reptiloids or clones?

My dear ones, try to treat them as  the grand performance participants taking place all over the world.

And up to the standard of the genre in the play there are good and bad characters: villains and their servants, masters and slaves, open friendly people and cunning resourceful reptiloids, the “half-blood” torn apart by contradictions and robots disguised by human bodies…

All of them are living their life: they love and hate, feel happy and sad – in a word, learn their lessons on Earth having their ups and downs…

Not every creature on Earth has a freedom of will but you do have it, my dear ones.

You are entitled with a right of choice that even I can’t intervene in.

You are free to listen to your Soul that is my particle existing in every human being, which means you can feel and understand how you should behave in every particular moment of your life according to the Universal Laws watching everything around from God’s perspective.

Be merciful, my dear ones, even to your “enemies”, for there are no true enemies on Earth but there are souls become astray, human and non-human, living beings with their feelings and emotions.

And even clones finding themselves in human energy space and perceiving how powerful are Divine energies generated by humans, dream of “rolling” in them, indulging in them and understanding what it feels like to be A HUMAN BEING…

Yet, accepting everything I spoke about above with all your heart and Soul don’t get entrapped by reptiloids any more.

Be thankful to them for all the lessons learnt, for the lesson of Unconditional Love and acceptance of every living creature on Earth but stick to your way and follow it with no turning off and no looking back.

I bless you, my dear ones, and deeply love you!

Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on January 2, 2019

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