LIFE ON NEW EARTH (One in hundreds of thousands)

life-on-new-earth-one-in-hundreds-of-thousandsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider one more group of people who have cognitive dissonance for quite another reason though.

And many of you belong to it – those who are perfectly aware of what is actually going on now on Earth, as well as who and what for arranged the so-called “pandemic”.

This group was growing as in the internet there began to appear more and more information on the world government’s plans and their crimes.

With the lockdown being imposed on them, people got opportunity to dedicate more time to learn these materials, and the things that used to seem fantastic ideas of conspiracy theorists began to assume contours of real events.

Due to this a huge amount of people started to revive and see all the hypocrisy of the authorities and the media in their grip.

And this group of people got cognitive dissonance not in respect of the ruling top whose true colours they were well aware of now but in respect of the majority of the planet’s population.

They got the feeling they are living in a nightmare seeing people obediently and unmurmuringly fulfilling the most absurd and inhumane demands of the authorities not even thinking how illogical and unhealthy they are.

All their life has turned into a theatre of the absurd indeed their conscience that has revived from the dormancy of the third dimension world would refuse to put up with.

Moreover, being unable to follow these pointless rules humiliating their dignity themselves such as, for example, masking, they are object to condemn and sometimes direct attacks for the side of those who dutifully follow these rules.

They literally cannot believe their eyes or ears that everything taking place around is true.

And especially when it happens to their nearest and dearest.

Unfortunately, my dear, systematic work for centuries carried out by the Dragon reptiles who seized power on your planet has resulted in this – servility of people to the authorities and fear of to be punished even if it is a mere fine.

Obedience has turned into a norm, while any disobedience – into a crime fraught with this or that punishment.

And as you see such separation among people in terms of percentage is not just unequal but appalling: per one revived soul there are at least hundreds of thousands of unrevived ones.

I know that it took long for many of you to believe in this but now facts speak for themselves.

Well, how can you get rid of by far the strongest cognitive dissonance that arose in your conscience because of this?

Before all, you should take it for granted and be thankful to your destiny for opening your eyes to the actual ratio of light human souls on Earth and the so-called “ballast” that lives a mere philistine animal life.

As you see the vibration gap between you and them is too huge to be covered by anyone: either the Higher Powers, or your Galaxy family that are simply unable to interact with people of that low vibrations.

Therefore, my dear, focus on yourselves and think about the way not to descend to their level by any means and maintain your own vibrations high that are your “password” to a new life.

Do not condemn these people but try to interact with them as little as possible so as not to be involved into unnecessary and pointless discussions taking your time and strength.

The best thing you can do now, at the last stage of Transition, when Dark gets thick to the utmost, is to be all the time within the protective Sphere of the Flame of Universe Love with mirror-like outer surface that is filled with the Energy of Ascension.

In this case you will be protected from inside from your own negative emotions, as well as from alien influence from without.

Remain an island of the Fifth dimension amid the energy chaos holding sway all around.

And the one who will be able to reach you in terms of vibrations and set foot on this island of Love and Light will get the chance to “clarify” one’s conscience and, consequently, will have an opportunity to make Transition.

Only this way, having started with yourselves, you will be able to help others and let it now become your main target and the breath of life.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 17, 2021.

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