new-vibration-energy-cycle-of-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about what the next day – June 21– has to do with.

As you have probably noticed, I am not in the habit of linking the events on Earth with some calendar date since it devalues other days, with each of them being precious to one in its own way.

As a matter of fact, almost all prophecies – astrological, esoteric, magic – convey a touch of being chosen in terms of the one who communicates them to people.

And even if some of these predictions come to life in case of some of you, it most often happens because one unintentionally juggles with the events that happen to one to comply with these predictions.

It is especially true about the people prone to mysticism or just too gullible ones who lack self-confidence that is why they are expecting destiny to work wonders that are actually offered to them by all kinds of fortune-tellers and prophets.

Well, as for tomorrow’s date, it is really special for several reasons.

Before all, it opens a new seasonal cycle.

It is not accidental that in many countries summer begins from the moment of summer solstice, that is, June 21.

But this year the date features one more meaning: from this date there begins a new vibration energy cycle of Earth.

And this is what it means.

On this day your planet is getting ultimately undocked from the energy space of the third dimension and fixed with all her bodies, including the physical one, in the fourth and Fifth dimension.

Therefore, starting from June 21 Earth’s bodies will look like this.

Her physical and etheric bodies will have “pulled up” having left the borderline of the third dimension and will start vibrating at the level of the fourth one.

Part of her subtle bodies – emotional, mental and causal – will be balancing between the fourth and Fifth dimensions, while the buddhic and atmic ones will find themselves completely in the Fifth dimension now.

What does it mean for humanity in general and each of you in particular?

From this day on for no one of Earth’s inhabitants there is any way back since there will be passed the borderline of her existence in the third dimension.

Everything connected with it will go on existing for some time, yet, it will be “running under inertia”.

Just as it is impossible to stop all of a sudden for a running person, so it is for the reality that has been around on Earth for so many centuries to change in no time and especially for the mentality of the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population that has formed during this time.

But there will be no other choice this time: either one keeps up with Earth and moves to a high vibration energy space not only by one’s conscience but also one’s physical body or one remains in the third dimension “undocking” from the new Earth.

We have talked more than once with you that time for procrastination is increasingly running out but now it is possible to say there is almost no time left.

Someone out of those legging behind can still “run up by inertia” to the borderline of the new Earth and even cross it but now it will take a lot of efforts.

It will actually be the last and “finishing spurt”.

As for the global events, as you see, they are taking the “spurt” like this already: so fast and in such a “concentrated” way everything is occurring.

You can now clearly see who of the world leaders will be able to stay on the Earth of the Fifth dimension and who, due to their moral qualities, “will sink into oblivion”.

The coming Disclosure will put everything on its place and will trigger the process of political, economic and social changes without which it is impossible to develop the new society of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

And so as to speed up this process, try to live this day unusual and crucial to Earth as mindfully as possible.

Do a meditation on harmonization not only of your personal energy space but also of your environment and planet in general.

Moreover, try to imagine as distinctly as possible the life on the new Earth, with Love, Respect and Mutual Understanding between people holding sway and everyone feeling really happy.

I bless you, my dear, and love immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 21, 2023.

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