WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Energy of confrontation)

window-on-new-world-energy-of-confrontationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

After I have told you about the energy processes that take place between people that hold opposite opinions, today I would like to consider this issue from a little wider perspective.

Now we will talk about the contradictions between different countries that show at present as acutely as ever.

And as usual we will lay emphasis on the energy component of these processes.

As you know, each state has its own egregor that the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants are connected to.

And this majority, as a rule, supports the policy of their leaders and, consequently, replenishes the state egregor with their energies.

And just a small segment of the people who have their own independent opinion can disconnect from such an egregor.

It has resulted in quite an interesting and unusual situation in the world when people of different nationalities are united by the common idea of the struggle against globalists.

At the same time the opposite common idea unites the heads of the leading countries, too who are the marionettes of the same globalists again.

And these processes of energy confrontation are now acquiring rather a chaotic character.

The crucial part here is played not by certain nationality identity of people but by their loyalty to a certain opinion about the global events.

Generally speaking, now your world has divided into globalists and anti-globalists irrespective of people’s nationality or citizenship.

In other worlds, there is in progress the energy redistribution of people of similar vibrations.

Yet, here the things are not as simple as they may seem since the conscience level and the degree of understanding of the deep processes that are taking place on Earth now vary from a person to person.

Even between those of them who realize the danger of humanity enslavement by means of vaccination, chipping and digitizing there is some disagreement.

Some people view these issues exceptionally from the practical – material – perspective, while some others – in combination with their knowledge about the transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension and, consequently, with the understanding of the influence it makes on people at the subtle level.

The gradation of such division is very fine and unstable as people’s conscience is undergoing constant changes this or that way.

It may also be identified as “rough” and “fine” tuning that we have already talked about with you.

So, for example, being aware of the danger that globalism is fraught with for humanity can be identified as rough tuning of the people who are united with this goal.

While being aware of the impact produced on Soul and human body by the same “vaccines” again or chips that globalists are imposing on humanity is “fine” tuning between the people of a more profound understanding of the current reality.

Why am I looking into these twists and turns with you so closely?

The only reason is that I would like you, my dear, not to live blindly but in a mindful way trying to minimize the energies of confrontation that are now “tearing” your Earth apart both at the physical and subtle level.

Neutralize these negative energies invoking the Flame of Universe Love as often as possible.

Ask this intelligent energy to burn down all the threads that connect the confronting parties at all the levels of existence: certain people, whole groups, as well as different countries.

Remember that the energy of struggle and opposition features very low vibrations and ruins human souls that are involved into this process.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 1, 2023.

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