WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Constructive confrontation)

window-on-new-world-constructive-confrontationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a conclusion to our talk about the energy of confrontation I would like to tell you about the way such interaction occurs in terms of egregors.

My previous message said about the fact that there have appeared new kinds of associations of people on Earth.

They are those who consciously or unconsciously accept globalists’ plans on total control over the planet’s population and those who under no circumstances will agree to become their slaves.

And since these people’s groups amount to millions, their combined energies have already managed to form their own egregors.

It has resulted in confrontation between them not only at the physical but subtle level as well.

Now at your planet there is evidence of by far the most powerful stratification between those who we call “star seeds” and those who go on living by inertia blindly following all the authorities’ instructions.

And now it is of great importance for such stratification not to turn into aggressive confrontation of the two categories of people.

If the egregor of the revived part of the planet’s population succeeds in maintaining a high level of vibrations and does not get into the energy confrontation with the egregor of the unrevived, Transition will speed up considerably.

But here there is one detail that is of immense significance.

Not getting into energy confrontation the people who are aware of globalists’ plans on annihilation of humanity should, nevertheless, take measures to prevent such a scenario at the physical level, too.

And at this point you need true wisdom and patience.

As we have already said a lot of times, having realized the inevitability of Dark getting concentrated before the Dawn, one should take everything in the progress as the last and final act of the long-playing performance named “The dual world of the third dimension”.

But for this act to finish faster, it is necessary to “help” the leading actors, who are the visible representatives of the deep state and their marionettes, leave the stage as soon as possible.

And it is quite within your depth since all of them are playing having laid down their cards now and having thrown off the hypocrisy masks and forgotten about their nations’ interests.

It makes your task a lot easier since even the average man begins to notice that there is something wrong and to condemn the authorities’ representatives.

But what is not easy to do is to direct the flow of people’s discontent the right way – not aggressive but constructive one.

And you can be a success in this only if you stay neutral in terms of energy yourselves.

Calmly, with no aggression or censure doing your work at the disclosure of the ruling top’s crimes try to communicate to people the idea that it is what their role is: to show people how deeply corroded the third dimension world has become with all its false values and spiritual degradation.

It will be enough to save you from your vibrations decrease and at the same time will help others to increase theirs.

This is exactly what the constructive, not aggressive, opposition to globalists’ policy is about, the one only appropriate for a revived person.

And if you manage to keep this balance, the egregor of the revived part of the planet’s population irrespective of national identity or citizenship will swiftly get filled with positive energy and, consequently, speed up the long-awaited Transition.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 3, 2023.

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