WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Evident manifestations of Transition)

window-on-new-world-evident-manifestations-of-transitionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the manifestations of your planet’s transition to a higher dimension in terms of the physical level.

As for people, it depends on a person – according to one’s vibration frequency and individual peculiarities of one’s reality perception.

So, even the people who feature high vibrations sometimes do not pay attention to the miracles that are taking place around them because there are no miracles like these in their conscience so far: one sees what one is ready to see.

The same concerns the global events, too.

If one goes on living by inertia being guided by the usual stereotypes and patterns,  one will see only apparent things skipping the details – the new “inclusions” into the political and social life that have begun to appear in the recent years.

And they have really begun to appear.

And though the majority of them are of a negative character so far, nevertheless, they make an enormous impact on the life of modern society.

The paradoxicality of the present-day situation is in that now there are converged all the globalists’ plans’ points on annihilation of humanity, while the speeding up of their accomplishment has reached its limit.

And the thing is not only that they are in a hurry to vaccinate the overwhelming majority of Earth’s population, deprive people of usual food and lifestyle, set control over their behaviour and mentality but also that time parameters themselves have changed.

Thanks to Earth’s vibrations increase it is getting inevitably “compressed” with every single year, which makes your enslavers act fast, convulsively and chaotically.

This is exactly the reason why all their actions’ concealed goals are revealing themselves and become apparent even to the uninvolved.

All these are the manifestations of the fourth dimension at the minimum that is swiftly winning over the energy space of your planet.

Do you remember that we talked with you about the fact that in high vibration worlds everything turns transparent including people’s thoughts and emotions?

Well, this is exactly what is starting to happen on Earth now.

Behind nice words of politicians that seem so right there are easily seen their hypocrisy and mercenary intentions.

Yet, again it is apparent not to all the people but only to those whose vibrations have reached at least the border line with the fourth dimension.

In other words, the higher one’s vibrations, the more transparent the veil between the worlds becomes and one starts to see the things that are not visible to the one of low vibrations.

Now on your planet, due to the vibration stratification between her inhabitants, there are several dimensions at the same time – from the third to the Fifth one and everyone sees what their vibrations or, in other words, the level of their conscience, allow them to see.

But what remains the same are the new energy parameters of Earth – space and time ones that make direct influence on every person.

As a result of this, there occurs the concentration of all the prevailing qualities in a person – with a “minus” in case of some people and with a “plus” in case of others.

New energies, like litmus paper bring to light everything that was concealed from the human eyes for the time being.

And it happens irrespective of one’s will.

It can be compared with what one experiences after one leaves the physical level.

Getting into the subtle world, one becomes spiritually “naked” having now no opportunity to wear one’s usual mask behind which one has got used to hide one’s true face.

But now this is what is in progress at the physical level while one is still alive, which is actually one of the main signs of the fourth’s and sometimes the Fifth’s dimensions’ manifestations on Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 4, 2023.

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