WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Physical body condition impact on conscience)

window-on-new-world-physical-body-condition-impact-on-conscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message today we will try to approach the issue by contradiction and see how your physical body condition influences your conscience.

Despite the fact that conscience is primary, it is not something permanent or unchangeable.

And you yourselves can get convinced of it a lot of times now.

It seems to many of you that you have crossed the border line that separates your conscience from the third dimension but in cases of emergency its condition changes and your vibrations decrease again.

It is quite natural, my dear.

This is how spiritual growing up of man occurs: they move forward with tiny steps stumbling and falling, nevertheless, persistently advancing to their goal.

And one of the main “provoker” that tests your conscience level durability is your physical body.

When one gets ill with some disease, especially if it is a dangerous one, what is crucial is this person’s reaction to such an extraordinary event in their life.

The reaction of a common third dimension world person is panic and fear.

They start rushing about to find the way out which they consider being the right one in medical help only.

They are searching for “magic” cure and “experienced” doctors studying literature on medicine and sharing one’s sorrow with all they know.

Meanwhile, they do not think even for a minute about the reason why they got this disease – who or what caused it.

This is the response for body fault made by a heedless person who is used to living in compliance with patterns established by the third dimension society.

And in this case conscience and physical body of the person like this are at one – low vibration – wavelength and interact with each other in a corresponding way.

And now let us talk about the one of high level of conscience: how they will respond to the illness that suddenly strikes them.

They are likely to treat it as their physical body respond to their conscience level decrease and “failure”.

The next step will be finding out the psychosomatic cause of the disease and analysis of the recent circumstances of their life and their environment.

They will start paying attention to all the little things: clues and hints that, as a rule, a heedful person is provided with in plenty.

They will try to contact their Higher Self so as to get information about the things in progress “from the horse’s mouth”.

And only having investigated the cause – external or internal, they will start to take measures, first of all, having eliminating this cause.

A person like this if necessary can also refer to medical treatment or surgical operation.

But if at the same time they are working at their conscience and physical body, such treatment will turn out more successful and recovery will be much faster.

While you are still in the third dimension world and your body remains dense, you should not reject the third dimension world methods of treatment, yet, you should approach them very cautiously.

Listen to your intuition keenly every time when you make a crucial decision and fill all the medicines you have to take with the Energy of Ascension.

Ask it to keep in them only the things that will do good to your physical body and remove the ones that can be harmful to it.

This is exactly the method – “synthesized” one – for interaction of your conscience and physical body that is appropriate in the fourth dimension where many of you find yourselves now.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 8, 2022.

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