TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Two dimensions’ energies’ interpenetration)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-two-dimensions-energies-interpenetrationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In this message I would like to give you more details on interpenetration of high vibration energies arriving from the higher worlds and earthly ones of the third dimension’s.

Let us take the meditation “Rainbow bridge” that I gave you in the previous message as an example.

During this meditation you actually open a Portal through which there comes purest Divine energy to Earth.

Although new energies have constantly been arriving to Earth these days but when you CONSCIOUSLY open your channel for them addressing the Higher Powers of the Universe they gain quite different qualities getting “shades” of your chakras’ energy and colours.

Passing through them they transform into the energies of the vibrations Earth needs at this moment and the ones people can withstand still living in the third dimension world.

In other words, you are energy “transformers” for the planet and the collective conscience of mankind.

The more high vibration energy you transmit through yourself, the more powerful in terms of energy you become and the more rarefied your subtle bodies and your environment get.

The Divine energy arriving to Earth owing to your “rainbow bridge” gets evenly distributed in the space around you.

Besides, the higher your own vibration frequency is, the wider the action range of these energies is in your environment.

The merging of different frequencies energies occurs the following way.

More rarefied energy of high vibrations absorb denser energies and start their splitting triggering the process of energy particles division into finer and finer ones.

They literally work like “grinding mills” turning dense like stones negative energy bundles into dust.

But you must have a clear idea, my dear ones, that this is the way natural elements are mainly purified, the ones taken hostages by the barbaric treatment of humans and third dimension world programmes that like heavy blocks “hang” in the energy space of Earth.

This is the help of the Higher Powers consistent with the Laws of the Universe.

As far as humans are concerned, everyone must deliberately decide for themselves whether to accept or reject the helping hand lent by the Higher Powers.

And the Higher Powers lend them their hand by means of you, my dear – the ones who volunteered to become intermediaries between Earth and Heavens.

You offer people choice: either to join the Divine stream or to stay “on land” – in the third dimension world if their conscience is absolutely not ready for the forthcoming changes on Earth.

We have already spoken a lot about the inalienable right of choice for everybody, and no matter how strong your desire to help can be, if their Soul is not mature enough for the global changes, all your attempts will be useless.

Therefore, please, my dear ones, take everything around calm remaining just a “rainbow bridge” that everyone is free to step on or not.

And only those who has stepped on it you can take hand of and lead further carefully and gradually paving the way for them.

I bless you for this and love immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 19, 2019

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