WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Sexual “revolution”)

window-on-new-world-sexual-revolutionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message let us consider another example of interaction of the third dimension world programmes introduced into your subconscience with your subtle bodies.

The physical body is followed by the etheric one and the second chakra corresponding to it that is responsible for procreation and sexual appeal.

And the things that happen in your world now are mostly reprogramming of initial Divine programmes naturally instilled into man into perverted – satanic ones.

It started long ago when the elite, being sick of cakes and ale, started to indulge in homosexual and lesbian pleasure thereby having perverted the sacred meaning of the union of man and woman for the sake of procreation.

These perversions have gradually become fashionable, they were given a touch of elitism, originality, exclusiveness thereby getting fixed in human conscience as certain programmes that later got impressed in their etheric bodies.

In some people they were so strong that they were transferred from incarnation to incarnation.

Quite often people being born with such programmes already instilled suffered a lot and tried to get rid of their poignant and unnatural bent.

They could not find the reason for such deviations that, as a matter of fact, is in a step-by-step introduction of programmes like this into the third dimension world matrix and later into human subconscience.

Another deviation from the design of God in relationships of man and woman is the fact that sexual relations have little by little become an item of buying and selling.

Besides, it was expressed both in the direct meaning, as long as scarlet women were made legal in many countries of the world, and in the indirect meaning when marriages were made not for love but for some practical reasons.

Gradually this phenomenon has also shaped as a third dimension programme that has taken root in etheric bodies of people.

Sometimes a tight-filled purse produces a more “sexual” effect on people than physical or spiritual qualities of a person.

It has become especially apparent at present when the consumption society has ultimately absorbed people, with pursue of material benefits coming to the picture.

Yet, in recent decades humanity has gone even further than this having set the creation of sexless beings by means of changing their natural identity.

And now it is being imposed on the young almost by force.

This way, the Dragon reptiles through the media in their grip are perverting people day and night, and especially young immature souls, by unnatural propaganda of all kinds of sexless creatures representing it not just as a trend but as an existing norm.

And even in case of those who respond to it with indignation and rejection there occurs “uploading” of these programmes onto their subconscience as an alternative to natural relationships between man and woman.

While those who initiated this bacchanalia with sexual perversions win double this time.

Getting a huge profit from the “beauty institutes”, not only do they deprive people of their Divinity, but at the same time provoke their most powerful outbursts of negative emotions since such people’s psyche is as unstable and perverted as their physical outlook.

The things now in progress on Earth are a gross crime against humanity, and it is committed with approval and consent of people themselves by means of instilling of satanic programmes into their conscience and subconscience aimed at depriving humans of their natural identity and at the same time at depopulation of the planet’s inhabitants.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 16, 2022.

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