kingdom-of-distorting-mirrorsGreetings, my dear light souls!

Today I feel like talking to you again since the current events on Earth are taking a serious course.

Despite the fact that the backstage fight against the Dark Forces is at full swing, the things taking place at the stage resemble the “kingdom of distorting mirrors” now.

Why do I use just this comparison?

It is, before all, because the “performance” visible to the audience is assuming now a caricature character indeed this time.

Everything most disgusting that exists in people, being hardly covered with big empty words, is represented as heroism while the genuine struggle for deliverance of humanity is labeled as a crime and aggression.

It seems that only the deaf and blind cannot notice the substitution of notions or see the authorities’ lie and hypocrisy thus outrageous.

But I see that a lot of people go on believing in this taking for gospel the information flowing from TV screens and newspapers pages.

Of course, such an awareness test is given to people not by chance, yet, it is represented in such an apparent and vivid way not by chance either but for even the most inexperienced of them to be able to notice the substitution of notions and see the actual picture of the current events behind the external “stage scenery”.

So now, so as to help you solve the task of recognition, I will enumerate the main features of lie to you.

First. If one and the same piece of information represented by means of the same words – most often high-flown and overemotional ones – is showering you from many resources at the same time, it is flagrant lie since loudness is not typical of the truth.

Moreover, it is a sign of well-arranged centralized action aimed at human conscience manipulation.

Second. Any statements made by the people who have already stained their names with corruption scandals or other dishonest activities cannot be true because of their bias and private incentive.

Most people at the helm now are in total submission to their “masters” and working off their “bread” they are afraid of these masters more than of their own nation.

This is the reason for their absurd and criminal decisions both for the economy of their countries, and for the welfare of their own citizens.

They have nothing to lose now since they have entrapped themselves.

And third. The more emphasis is laid on this or that fact, the easier it is to recognize a fake – this is exactly the “fact” that is a screen hiding the truth.

And a glaring example of it is Ukraine and every event concerning it.

The country wallowed in crimes and corruption all of a suddenly turned into “a stronghold of freedom and democracy”, while its lying and cowardly president under total control of globalists – into “a courageous fighter for justice”.

It is hard even to imagine a picture more grotesque than this one but, nevertheless, millions of people believe in it.

Why does it happen?

The only reason is that people have forgotten how to think independently and mindlessly consume any information “soup” even if it is cooked up from rotten or inedible “foodstuffs”.

That is why it is you – the revived souls – who have a huge responsibility on your shoulders: to compete the official establishment that has gone too far and wisely, patiently with facts at hands to explain to people what is actually taking place in Ukraine and is concealed behind the hysteria that is extended all across the globe and aimed against Russia that bore the brunt of globalists.

This way you will be able to stop the avalanche of lie that befell people and revive those who are still capable of reviving.

Disclose “the emperors with nothing on” and bring the real heroes to the picture.

Now it is extremely important, my dear!

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you today

Channeled by Marta on March 17, 2022.

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