delivering-heart-from-fearGreetings, my dear light souls!

I decided to come to you again so as to share the latest news from the subtle level of Earth.

I think, you will be glad to hear it and it will encourage your belief in victory.

The first days of September introduced a lot of changes to the alignment of forces on the planet Earth.

And it happened due to a powerful energy stream washing away all the negative energies on the way, the ones sustaining the low vibration inhabitants of Earth.

They are getting more and more isolated and cut off from their usual egregors whose energies now cannot get through the thick of the new high vibration energies.

So, there has ceased the usual cyclicity of their energy interchange.

As far as pure human souls are concerned, their interchange with the Forces of Light, on the contrary, gains in scale with every single day.

The egregor of Ascension of Earth that has been forming for recent decades is constantly replenished by two sides now: both by the Energy of Ascension itself, and the people who generate it at the physical level.

And the number of such people is increasing every day since the information on the Transition of Earth to a new dimension is already being taken in by the people new to the issue who have pulled their vibrations up to the level of understanding of this global scale event.

To a considerable degree it is also facilitated by the observations of scientists who are recording a surge of Earth’s vibrations that have already reached an unprecedented level.

Some people start seeing these new energies by the naked eye, while some others manage to take pictures of them or even make videos.

All this facilitates the mass revival of people, and this process is impossible to stop.

As for my “sphere of activity”, there are apparent changes here, too.

A lot of people have their good conscience revived and they choose Light even putting their life and their family’s life at risk.

Fear is leaving their hearts being eventually ousted out by Divine energies, and they start telling the truth that used to be carefully concealed from the general public.

It mostly concerns doctors and scientists who have been enlightened and do not want to dance to the tune of pharmaceutical giants or support the implementing of their criminal plans on annihilation of Earth’s population.

A great role here is played by the world government’s plans on vaccination of children.

It has become a turning point for the conscience of many people.

As if they have revived from dormancy and seen everything in the raw.

Their parent instinct has come into the picture and triggered the chain of enlightenments and insights in respect of everything taking place on Earth now.

Unfortunately, it concerns little of the people who have already been vaccinated since their conscience, on the contrary, starts degrading, with their vibrations decreasing.

At present humanity has divided into two unequal parts: those who failed to oppose the insane plans of the ruling top and those who have managed to withstand them whatever it takes.

And now the corridor of the fourth dimension will be separating these people more and more until the two worlds of poles apart eventually undock from each other.

Right now it is a crucial moment for each of you when you have to make a final choice: getting rid of all the fears and doubts to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth or to remain in the third one – in your usual world with the close people who have not revived yet.

And this choice is momentous indeed as you will have to wait to get the same unique chance of Transition in your physical body to a new level of existence as long as for twenty six thousand years.

And I will be truly glad for the sake of everyone who will manage to take this chance having not disappointed one’s Soul’s expectations that has incarnated on Earth with the very mission of it.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 7, 2021.

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