twenty-years-of-lieGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is timed to an important event in Earth’s history – the twentieth anniversary of one of the gravest crimes committed by the shadow government against humanity: explosion of the World Trade Centre’s towers in New York in 2001.

It was mainly aimed at drawing people’s attention to the so-called “Islamic problem” that is nothing but a glaring example of the favourite method of the Dragon reptiles “divide and rule” in action.

Everything touched by the protégés of the world government is perverted to the utmost and turns into a tool of manipulations for one and only aim to be reached: personal enrichment and pumping out human energies of low vibrations, the energies of fear of death, pain and suffering being especially valuable among them.

Why have they ventured to take such a horrible step – destruction of buildings resulting in death of innocent civilian people and in such a great amount at that?

Before all, because it turned into a SIGHT the broadcasting of which on TV influenced almost everyone on Earth.

Can you imagine the colossal outburst of the energy of horror and fear, pain and sorrow for the perished that happened in each country, each town and in the soul of each normal person?

These INhumans had not had such a feast for a long time, and it extended for months and even years as thousands of families became orphans who had lost their nearest and dearest and, moreover, it happened not in war, which could have justified the losses to some an extent, but in peace time – on a usual working day.

In the show arranged by the Dragon reptiles there were first widely brought into play extraterrestrial technologies – the so-called holograms that showed planes “ramming” the skyscrapers.

As a matter of fact, there were made planned and carefully arranged explosions of the buildings from inside, and it was made in the way to hide the traces of the crimes as much as possible which was facilitated by a complete collapse of the buildings.

One more purpose of this “exhibition act” was preparation of the public opinion on unleashing war in the Middle East.

What did they need the approval of people for?

They were perfectly aware that so as to intrude into another country and kill civilian population the army needs a stimulus and a comprehensive reason what they were going to fight and sacrifice their lives for.

And a stimulus like this for millions of people became the explosion of twin towers as a result of which the word “Islamite” turned into a label for all Arab world.

Therefore, under the slogan of Islamic terrorism the world government has managed to get a lot of dividends: to run the work of military-industrial complex at full capacity, which brought them fabulous benefit, to remove all the disobedient governments in the Middle East region and to start receiving on a regular basis now and in huge volume the low vibration energies as whole nations’ pain and sorrow they love so much.

And despite a lot of indisputable facts and evidence of honest and uncorrupted journalists, scientists and military men who investigated this crime and denounced the “version” of globalists, up till now many people take everything in all good faith.

It is possible for globalists to sustain this lie only due to the fact that all the media and internet sources are in the grip of exactly those who arranged this crime.

Thus, manipulating and controlling human conscience they are also trying now to get their potion of low vibration energies touching the cords of the people remembering that horrible tragedy of twenty years’ prescription.

So, I ask you, my dear, please, do not fall victims to their provocations and do not participate in another show organized by them but simply send all your Love to the souls of the people perished not only in the skyscrapers exploded by globalist but in the numerous wars that followed this event, too.

At this particular moment it is crucial to cut off the flow of negative energies that the world government’s members and their henchmen are doing their best to provoke touching the sympathy cord of pure and light human souls.

Believe me, the punishment for all their actions has already befallen them, and soon the whole world will witness it.

And today be watchful and wise! Carefully scan everything that is taking place around you so as to prevent being dragged into provocations by those who are sure to make an attempt to arrange them in many countries of the world and who are still striving to remain in power and who will use this date tragic for people as some kind of a fetish and symbol of suffering.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 10, 2021.

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