third-realityGreetings, my dear light souls!

Today I have come to you to share the news on the events that are taking place both at the subtle and physical level of Earth.

As you see, everything is starting to develop at an accelerated speed since those who conceived these fatal games on Earth are in a hurry to implement their plans in the shortest possible time.

Right now the situation on your planet has turned out to be unique: two parallel realities are living their own life.

The first one is developing in consistence with the plans of globalists and involves the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population who has accepted THEIR rules of the game.

At the same time the other reality embraces a small amount of revived people who with all the means available are trying to “open the abscess” of the horrible experiment in progress on Earth on her population annihilation by introduction into human bodies of alien genes of extraterrestrial origin.

But there is also one more reality that, unlike the two mentioned visible ones, is still concealed from your eyes.

This is the secret struggle against the deep state that has united the best sons and daughters of our Galaxy carried on for decades.

Its main participants are the Galaxy Federation’s representatives who always keep an eye on Earth since it is here that many brothers and sisters of theirs descended to acquire the third dimension world life experience.

And when the planet’s inhabitants became threatened with the real danger of both physical annihilation and extinction as a species by gene transformation that ruins human connection with the Divine origin, there was made a decision to rescue the purest and most ancient souls embodied as humans on Earth now.

But it was only possible to do thanks to uniting their efforts with these embodied souls for joint actions because it is just them who could become the “hands” of their galaxy siblings acting directly on Earth.

And uniting like this did occur due to which there was launched a unique operation on destruction of underground and ground bases of the Dragon reptiles, the Greys and the people in their service.

The scale of this work is huge indeed and now this struggle in progress on Earth as well as on other planets of our Galaxy has reached its final stage.

The ground is shattering under the deep state’s marionettes’ feet and most of them have already suffered a just punishment for their evil deeds.

Those you see on your TV screens are most often their doubles or clones.

But still, those who remained tooth and nail are clutching at power up till the very last moment in hopeless anger trying to drag into an abyss along with themselves as many pure human souls as possible who they hate just because they possess the Divine potential they themselves lack.

Why is it me who decided to tell you about this?

The thing is that the new energies arriving at Earth now are completely changing the alignment of forces not only at her surface but in the near-earth space too wiping off astral beings at all the levels of hers.

This is exactly the reason for the last and sharpest peak of activity of all the low vibration beings on Earth who are getting deprived of their energy infeed from the subtle level.

They are trying to generate negative energies vital for them from inside spurring themselves with spite and anger in respect of people, but this will come to an end soon too as it is impossible for them to live in the new energies of Earth.

A large-scale and all-embracing disclosure of their gross actions on your planet is really close now.

And everybody who has managed to live with dignity through the “crucibles” of the false pandemic imposed on you is awaited by the wonderful light future on the renewed Earth.

My role of human souls’ “tempter” is played up till the end, and along with you I am entering a new period of my evolution that is much more to my Soul.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 20, 2021.

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