window-on-new-world-two-in-oneGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way you can transform two inseparable components of your nature – conscience and physical body – into the fourth dimension man.

And at issue will be your new conscience that advances you not only to a different level of vibrations now but also promotes prompt transformation of your physical body into the light crystalline one.

The fact that conscience is primary has been known to you since long ago but now we will have to make sure of it in practice.

And here you will be supported by your laborious work on harmonization and co-tuning of your conscience and physical body.

And it is your body condition that will allow you to monitor the level of your conscience vibrations easily.

But first, you should learn to identify the causes of your feeling unwell: whether they feature external or internal character.

External causes can vary greatly: from merely mechanical irritants – such as city noises, to invisible energy ones – such as low vibration environment.

Mechanical irritants can be ranked among coarse causes that almost immediately break through your subtle bodies and influence your physical body quickly.

So, for example, unceasing building site noises or loud voices of neighbours can lead to headaches or chronic diseases aggravation.

Unlike mechanical irritants, energy ones influence you on the quiet and, consequently, they are more insidious and difficult to identify.

Thus, for instance, being for a long time side by side to the people that feature negative energies, even if they keep silent, can result in abrupt depletion of your physical state.

In such situations there occurs pumping out of your energy because of the fact that your protective casing starts getting weaker and negative energy penetrating through your subtle bodies begins to attack your physical body now.

This is exactly the reason for your feeling unwell in public places, with chaotic highly concentrated energies of different vibrations reigning there, the ones that affect your subtle material structure.

And in this case whatever high level of your conscience is, it will not be able to protect your physical body from alien energy impact.

That is why I ask you to avoid crowded and noisy places.

But if you have no opportunity to do so, at least do not forget to set by far the most powerful energy shield at yourselves.

Still finding yourselves in the third dimension world this is the only way you can maintain your conscience and physical body in harmony.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 7, 2022.

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  1. Pila says:

    That is the reason I wanted and did drink alcohol since young age, every time I went out on party, wedding etc. It is in culture anyway so it was normal behavior. Almost always everyone liked me, wanted me in their company. But tomorrow, almost after every party, I would be drained, empty, and they would be great! After many years, I realized I would feed others… I call them energy vampires. I guess alcohol was blocking my senses, then I would feel OK surrounded by others, being just like “normal” people, until I wake up.
    If I would not drink alcohol, I would be nervous, start to sweat, feel generally bad.
    I always felt something is wrong… Even in restaurants, bars, church… any crowded place. Also in school and college.

    Few times I did cocaine, but quickly realized it is not for me, as I would feel like something is not good in area where 3. chakra is. Then I realized it would mess it up, but other people would feel great about it. Then I realized they need it to pump up their ego, but I do not.

    Year after year, I started to be alone, live alone, work alone, and I always feel better then with group of people. But I noticed other people would not, when alone they mostly get scared of their thoughts. Sometimes it feels like whole my life, I am surrounded by non-humans… Unfortunately also my few girlfriends…

    There are people with good soul, but they don’t understand this, they think they need to do it because of others, to “fit in”, so to feel good, at least pretend to be “normal”, so women mostly take (anti-depressive) pills and men drink alcohol.

    Thanks to my constant search for truth and this site, now I firmly believe they are just living culture forced by reptiles… I think 95% people of my larger family have human-reptile soul. I agree with probably everything that I found on this site. BTW Thank you very much!

    This year I had alcohol just few times, and plan is to stop forever. I stopped eating red meat. More and more I only eat plants. I still smoke cigarettes. I love night as it brings silence…

    What bothers me is, I just don’t want to be with other people, I don’t know how to find good souls… I think about moving into isolated place, but then as Father Absolut said, it would be “separation” so I really don’t know what to do… Even if I put myself in “protective bubble”, I still don’t want to be with others. Any advice? 🙂

    1. Alice says:

      I feel similar way about avoiding people, but I realized that most of the people that make me uncomfortable – could be in many different ways – at the end of the day there is some lesson for me to get from them or from the situations that are arising because of them.
      When I approach these people with more open heart – its is clear to me that it’s not only black and white and there are many different reasons for people to behave certain ways.
      It is also true that I don’t always act in a way I would like or feel too and I appreciate when others don’t judge me by my “moment of weakness”.
      I think it’s our life’s experience to have all of these interactions and try to learn from them. I guess the most important is to follow your heart/gut feeling and stay true to yourself, despite of what is happening around.
      I wish I had some people around me who are reading this website.. I feel there is a huuuuuge wall between me and “normal” people who live their everyday lives on the autopilot and worry about things that are of no importance to me.
      I feel that I can’t have such true connection with people who are drawn to this world and obey all of the ridiculous rules and regulations.
      What I am working on is the tolerance for them and understanding of their situation, but I can’t really connect with these people and open myself to them.

      1. Pila says:

        Thanks you Alice for reply.
        To large majority of people that I know, it is the best to not even try to mention anything out of the box, outside of known books or religion. They would consider me lunatic immediately. For example, unexpectedly once I got UFO on photo, years later even few flyovers in video, but after showing it just to few people, mostly there was no any reaction. Just like few smiles and forget about it. I can not believe how people are “closed” in the box.

        Got that huge wall too. Also would like to know in person someone who thinks this site is full of great information. I could talk and listen about the topics and ask questions for months 🙂 I wonder if there is such people close to me.

        I regularly open Russian version, translate and check it. AFAIK for that reason “meeting other people close to you” there is “VOZROZHDENIE CLUB DIRECTORY” in COMMUNICATION menu, but there is password wanted and as I recall Eduard closed that due to some reason. There is also Forum, but it is only in Russian. BTW I think some other sites are “stealing” info from here, but not in copy paste way, so information gets distorted.
        For English version it would be great if search would be more advanced, and especially great if posts would have tags, and even more some infographics added.
        As I question anything, I do it also for this site 🙂 but anyway, at least for now, I think Marta and Eduard are good people. I don’t know Russian but I like Marta’s voice.


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