WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Renewal of Merkaba)

window-on-new-world-renewal-of-merkabaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will summarize my series of messages on Divine code and your work at the physical body at the cell level.

So, such work is based on a certain vibration frequency typical of each body organ and its vital function.

An ideally healthy person who features high vibrations has etalon frequency.

Yet, if there are some deviations in one’s physical condition, this etalon frequency is interfered and vibrations of the affected organ get decreased.

For its complete recovery three stage of work with the physical body are required.

The first stage is creation of by far the most powerful vibration shield around it that we called Merkaba of the fourth dimension.

It is a prototype of your light body and is necessary to isolate your physical body from alien influence that can reduce to nothing all your efforts on its healing.

The second stage is integration of your physical body into your “Merkaba”, and for this purpose you we provided with the practice An earthly rod of the light body.

It is aimed at convergence of your subtle bodies’ vibrations with those of the physical body as much as possible.

It is essential to make transformation of the physical body into the light crystalline one run smoothly and painlessly since a large vibration gap can do harm to an affected organ.

And the third stagepoint-wise work at the physical body is the final stage of this three-stage practice whose success depends on the efficiency of the work at the first and second stages of it.

So now, in order to speed up the process of your physical bodies transformation into light crystalline ones, I would like to offer you one more practice but as “emergency support” this time that you will be able to do on the go if you suddenly feel that due to these or those circumstances you fall out of your “Merkaba” or if suddenly your disease gets aggravated.

We will call it “Renewal of Merkaba”.

And it is in eliminating defects that appear in your light body.

Meanwhile, it is crucial to find out why they arose, that is, to understand the character of their origin – external or internal.

And before making your “Merkaba” renewed, it is necessary to neutralize these causes.

Among the most widely spread external causes is unfavourable environment or depressing news and among the internal ones is your response to them.

You can identify the former or the latter judging by your psychological and physical condition that all of a sudden becomes anxious, disharmonious or painful.

Having identified the causes and having made an intention to neutralize them, you can move on to the practice itself.

Invoke the Energy of Ascention and ask it to eliminate all the defects in your “Merkaba” or in some certain subtle bodies.

Renew the shield of the Flame of Universe Love with a mirror-like external surface.

And then feel keenly your inner sensations: whether you managed to restore your spiritual and physical condition.

If not, invoke one more “portion” of the Energy of Ascension so as to bring your undertaking to completion.

Try to monitor your condition during the day carefully and ask Archangel Michael for protection during the night so as to keep your light body inviolable, which will guarantee that your physical body is safe and sound too.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 6, 2022.

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