farewell-to-illusionsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the current events on your planet.

And, before all, at issue will be the world’s top plans on staying at the helm and bringing to an end their programme on annihilation of a large part of Earth’s inhabitants.

So now I would like to explain to you in some details what their strategy is and why it is doomed to fail.

As you already know, at the subtle level as a result of mutual efforts of Intergalactic and Galactic Forces of Light there has already taken place the trial in respect of those who for a long time have considered your planet and the people inhabiting it to be their property.

And the things now in progress on Earth can be called the last convulsion of the marionettes who obediently execute all their orders.

They are dutifully working off their fee since otherwise they are to be punished in the way incomparable to the one people can condemn them to.

They are well aware of it, and that is why they prefer to go on despite common sense or personal benefit.

This is exactly the reason for their chaotic and absurd actions all across the globe.

Well, what are they so afraid of?

They know that in case of disobedience they are condemned to a long and poignant death – sophisticated and satanic indeed.

The things that they have done more than once themselves during their magic rituals are awaiting them themselves, and this is what they are scared of most of all.

These rituals are so inhuman and cruel that in comparison to them any sentence of the official court will seem a children’s game.

To a large degree this is what the main purpose of such rituals that a lot of high politicians and financiers took part in was: to show them what their lot will be like in case they do not obey.

Being the Dark Forces’ slaves, they in their turn revel in power winning back on people and trying to put them in submission by all the means available to them.

Believe me, my dear, they pay dearly for their high status but it was their choice: to get to the Olympus of power at any cost.

And now when there is profound stratification in terms of vibrations among people and even whole countries in progress, everything comes out to the surface – everything becomes visible, apparent and tangible.

A heedful person understands perfectly well what global and earthshaking game is now being played on your planet.

They see each player and all their secret intentions.

“Emperors with nothing on” cannot cover their “nudity” – their lies, cynicism and mercenariness that are obvious even to those who are far from the issue.

But try to find advantages in this too, my dear.

For without this “dark” disclosure the very “light” disclosure all of you are waiting for so long is impossible.

The things now in progress on your planet are similar to “two sides of the coin” when the Dark and Light Forces go side by side, next to each other.

They open people’s eyes and slightly remove the veil separating high and mighty from the rest of the world of common people demonstrating the abyss between them – financial, spiritual and just in terms of human traits.

Everything is done so that no one has any illusions left in respect of those who are ruling the world and what goals are pursued by these creatures who lost their human look having reached the summit of power.

What else can help wake up a wide segment of the planet’s population – average men who are fast asleep?

How can collective human conscience be turned towards Light?

Only this way, my dear: bringing everything to the point of absurdity when the very existence of humanity as a species is at stake.

Which is the case on the planet of Earth now.

All of you are witnesses of by far the greatest unprecedented battle of the Light Forces against the Forces of Dark on the universe scale.

And I believe you will draw the winner not only having preserved your pure Divine Souls but also having made Transition to the Fifth dimension with your planet.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 11, 2022.

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