LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Individual purification zone)

life-on-new-earth-individual-purification-zoneGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about your personal “purification zone” since it is this what is the most important for each person striving for moving to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

Well, as it has already been mentioned in my recent message, the stumbling stone for many of you on the way to it is your habit to undeliberately compare yourselves with other people.

It is sometimes hard for you to accept that one does not understand things so apparent.

As a matter of fact, these things are apparent just FOR YOU and since you subconsciously compare this person with yourself, that is, judge by yourself, you get the feeling of perplexity and irritation.

To prevent yourself from making one and the same mistake over and over again, you should train yourself to think of every person you are talking to being a completely different world and they can have another reality perception, distinct from yours.

And the reasons for that are numerous.

They are both the age of their Soul, and upbringing and education, family traditions and personal preferences, as well as dependence on somebody else’s opinion and admiration for leaders.

And it does not mean at all that a leader like this can turn out to become you, for example.

But even if it happens, you should not rest on your laurels, you had better try to encourage them not to believe you blindly but to start thinking and drawing conclusions independently as this is the only thing that will facilitate their spiritual growth and will turn into their personal experience, not yours.

I know that it is most painful for you to accept the difference between you and your children who, seemingly, should be your particle and your continuation in everything and especially in your opinions about life.

But, as you see, this is quite rarely the case because the task of each Soul is to gain unique experience being born into “ill-matched” families, with destinies of different age souls and sometimes those of different races and civilizations being interweaved.

It has become especially obvious now when on Earth there embodied a huge amount of souls from all the parts of the Universe who came to your planet to make Transition to another dimension in their physical bodies, as well as to help others to do the same – young and less experienced human souls.

This is what accounts, my dear, for such a huge spiritual development gap between the members of one family.

When Earth used to be totally plunged into the third dimension world, all the people with rare exceptions were living in one low vibration space according to the same rules and laws.

And it is just now when this gap has become tangible.

Therefore I advise you not to try to adjust your close people to yourself or your perception of life, for in the long run it will backfire you yourself.

The thing is that deeply material-oriented people of the third dimension mentality will find plenty of arguments to ruin you morally since they are enjoying “home-court advantage” so far unlike you who have broken free from the third dimensionality but have not ultimately consolidated your position in the space of higher vibrations.

Your words remain just words for them that are not proved by facts.

That is why they call you dreamers, visionaries and sometimes fanatics or sectarians.

The things you accept with all your Soul and that are hinted by your deep memory are not comprehensible to them as they cannot touch them physically.

Therefore, the more you try to “convert them to your religion”, the most severe rejection it will cause.

They are also accustomed to COMPARE others with themselves and in their opinion this comparison is not in your favour at all, as well as your opinion about them.

This is exactly the reason why I ask you not to multiple duality but to perceive keenly other person’s peculiarities trying to sound their spiritual potential first and only afterwards to initiate talks on the issues they do know much about.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 7, 2021.

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