LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Spiritual guide)

life-on-new-earth-spiritual-guideGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about who Saints are and how they manage to help people from the subtle level of Earth.

As you already know from the previous message, holiness according to human yardstick is rather a relative notion.

Thus, officially canonized Saints once lived on Earth could actually fail to be the ones and, on the contrary, those who were persecuted by church were actually great light Souls who went on helping people after they left the earthly level as well.

And examples to this are not few. Sometimes church had to canonize those who, feeling their help and support from Heavens, people worshiped by intuition.

And a vivid example to this is Matron of Moscow who people themselves chose as a saint and whose relics are kept now as a cherished object.

Why is it so important for people to touch the relics or icons of the respected Saint?

It is only because of the fact that finding themselves in the third dimension world reality, they want to have tangible evidence that Saints really exist.

It is especially crucial for those who do not perceive energies yet and cannot communicate in the telepathic way with those inhabiting the subtle worlds.

Moreover, a Saint’s icon or their imperishable relics are some kind of a portal to the world where this particular Saint exists – an energy bridge connecting them with the people who address this Saint.

Why do sometimes the miracles of recovery occur with the people who touched imperishable relics?

Such direct contact helps one in terms of energy get united with the Heavenly creature and thereby take in their high vibration healing energies.

Yet, the higher your own vibration become, the less you need this kind of material fetish since this time you can reach a Saint creating an energy bridge between you and them by your feelings, thoughts and intentions.

I know that many of you already do it: in thoughts ask your favourite Saints for advice and support and feel the latter hear you.

Such feedback can be expressed in different ways.

Some people can even physically perceive their light gentle touch.

Some others can feel their loving energies filling all the heart chakra or running all over the body.

While still others will get an answer to an acute question as an insight – a thought flashed all of a sudden sometimes unexpectedly for the person themselves.

Sometimes Saints take one under their guidance and lead one’s way sending one clues and hints by means of their Safeguard Angel.

And many people feel this addressing the Saint who established energy liaison with them.

Well, what are the criteria Saints are guided by while choosing those to ward on Earth?

First of all, they patronize people who have switched over to Service and living for the sake of others.

This is the way they themselves lived being embodied on Earth, so they are perfectly aware it is hard work and tremendous responsibility.

They, like the Safeguard Angel of this person, try always to be there for them securing them and protecting from danger.

They are the very spiritual guides who keep an eye on your life saving you from moral lapse and laying your way to Light.

They can also be called Safeguard Angels but existing in higher worlds.

They are your Spiritual guides and patrons – invaluable assistants on your earthly road.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 12, 2020.

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