WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Intuitive perception of life)

window-on-new-world-intuitive-perception-of-lifeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the global “web” that encircled all the spheres of your life.

But this time we will talk about how to resist it at the physical level.

You already know that the energy underlying reason of the world top’s plans is to decrease people’s vibrations as much as possible guiding all their thoughts, emotions and actions the material way thereby having ruined everything pure, spiritual and Divine in humans.

Well, now it is time to turn everything back and having changed one’s life priorities to come back to one’s origins and one’s true desires.

It is not that hard to do this.

For this purpose you should cut down on the mainstream sources of information influencing human subconscience rather than conscience.

Stick only to the most proved and high vibration news sources so as to be in the know of the current events.

This will be the first step to save you from unnecessary temptations and useless things in your life.

Switch all your attention to your inner sensations – the intuitive perception of life.

And let it concern absolutely everything in your life: from everyday routine to the global world events.

Train yourselves to scan the energy profile of everything that takes place in your life and, first of all, people – those you know and do not know, your immediate environment and world leaders that determine their countries’ policy.

Try to see what remains “behind the scenes” being guided not by the words but actions of these leaders since their words and deeds are almost always at variance.

And now let us talk about how being a common person not conferring powers you can physically oppose the plans of globalists.

First of all, of course, you should stop obeying their orders contrary to your desires and understanding of the things in progress.

And I know that many of you act just like this.

And this is thanks to this that globalists’ programme on general vaccination of population failed.

Even by means of threats and deprivation of legal rights they did not manage to break the will of the pure human souls, which triggered the second part of their programme – the provocation of a military conflict in Ukraine whose consequences this or that way influenced almost all the countries of the world.

And now this conflict, too and, which is more important, the actions of the ruling top and their marionettes at the helm in its respect, require your intuitive “assessment”.

Many of you have passed this durability test in an appropriate way, too having penetrated by your conscience into the very kernel of the things despite the tragic character of the situation.

The struggle between the Forces of Light and Dark is a war to death now and, unfortunately, the deep state sort out their problems by proxy and at the expense of suffering and sometimes supreme sacrifice of common people.

And the more people understand it and rebel against their criminal governments, the sooner will finish this bloodshed that cannot be justified by anything and that has caused death of hundreds of thousands of people and resulted in the unseen-before world economic crisis.

And it will also be your protest against the criminal actions of globalist at the physical level.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 30, 2022.

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