energy-conductorsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a supplement to the meditation “River of Ascension” I would like to offer you one more practice that you can use in your everyday life.

It is also based on the principle of redistribution of energies.

Each of you is likely to have favourite alternative information resources now that you trust and that your Soul is consistent with.

But if you happen to suspect a “wormhole” in them as decrease of vibrations of the person who communicates this information or your intuition will give you a hint that some facts in their messages are misrepresented, you can try to improve the situation in terms of energy.

It will do good both to you, that person and their followers since you will be influencing the situation in general not intruding into the energy space of certain people.

And this is how it can be implemented.

Each time you feel something went wrong when you start listening to someone or reading materials on a certain information resource, try not only to single out the core of good sense of the messages but also to pull them apart in terms of energy components.

You can use chakra colour system for this.

Thus, aggressive touch of the conveyed information will be coloured red or orange, excessively emotional – yellow, warm and heartfelt – green, logical – light blue, spiritually advanced – deep blue or purple.

This is exactly the colour “gamut” that is featured by communication between people.

Same as each chakra of a person resonates with a certain music note, so do chakras with every utterance of theirs because it always has some particular emotional colouring.

So, like an experienced musician, you can transform chaotic “notes” of words into harmonious music “row” – turn energy cacophony into perfection.

If you possess quite keen intuition, you will feel by all means not only sense but also energy shades of the information being received, as well as the vibration level of the person who conveys it to you.

While listening or reading a message try to see with your inner vision its dominant energy colour or just feel what chakra it is vibrating at.

Especially wide range of vibrations is typical of channeling information that comprises analysis of political and social part of the current events taking place on Earth, as well as their esoteric and spiritual aspects.

So now you have to separate the husk from the grain in terms of energy.

How can you do this?

Invoke the Flame of Universe Love for help and ask it to dissolve all the negative energies that the information you are interested in features, as well the energy space of the person who is communicating it to you.

Then create an intention to single out the most valuable and important components of it – the things that can enrich the treasury of knowledge and energies facilitating the prompt transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension imagining it as a tiny brook falling into a full-flowing “River of Ascension”.

And in conclusion ask the Flame of Universe Love to minimize the effect of this information on the people who have already received it, as well as of all the negative energies it contains, preserving in the energy space of Earth only its spiritual, Divine component.

This way, indirectly you will be able to produce positive impact not only on the course of events on Earth but also on the conscience and energy profile of a lot of people who are interested in the issue of Ascension.

But do not forget, my dear, about the magic phrase that is obligatory for each meditation of yours either: to the greater good of all.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 12, 2022.

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