let-time-work-for-youGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a round-up for our talk about how you can encourage the favourable developments on Earth I would like to give you one more tip.

And at issue there will be your approach to the current situation on Earth.

Many of you have already understood that unceasing waiting for positive changes just retard their arrival.

And it is very easy to explain: foreseeing the future you are not actually making the cherished things closer but unintentionally shift them to the very future thereby making their manifestation at present at the physical level further.

This is the way the Laws of the Universe work and in this particular case the Law of Attraction.

As a matter of fact, so as to make desires come true quick and easily, you should get resonated with the energy of time constantly being at the moment of “here and now”.

At the same time you should move everything you dream of to this state.

Of course, it is rather hard to maintain in thoughts the desirable image all the time, which can cause permanent inner tension.

That is why it is better to turn this process into some kind of a game – from work into a child’s play.

An approach like this will be enough to guarantee you high vibrations since any game is creativity.

And if you create you reality this way – playing – constantly sustaining it in your energy field, you will be able to “cheat” time moving your dream from the future to the present.

You can use whatever you like for this inventing your own magic methods.

But the main principle is that getting to public places or learning new information about the current events on Earth you imagine everything you see and hear the way you want it actually to be.

Thus, participating in protest actions or watching them recorded try to see not the struggle of people for their rights but their delight on occasion of the victory they have already gained.

Instead of the restrictions imposed on you by your governments imagine the instructions on their abolishment.

Transform gloomy and disencouraged people who have dutifully put on face masks into happy and excited ones.

Try to see them taking off the hateful masks, smiling, laughing, singing and dancing while celebrating their deliverance.

In other words, already now, not waiting for the future transform your life into the reality you would like to live in.

Let time be working for you and making the things you expect in the future closer.

The same way get free from your past, whatever it was, thereby pulling in up till the present as useful experience you acquired during the current incarnation but having let all its negative moments go in terms of emotions.

And if you really manage to do this, a miracle will happen indeed: your past and future will converge in one point – implode at the moment of “here and now” – and, like a solid spring, will suddenly “burst out” into the present creating a long-awaited reality in the energy space.

Try, my dear, to “play” with time and space this way watching your life and people around changing.

And, the main thing, do not turn it into work otherwise it will lack creativity and childish reality perception that feature high vibrations and joy of life.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 13, 2022.

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