transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-on-the-wave-of-ascensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now I would like to show you how you can maintain your vibrations at the appropriate level even in the most critical situations.

But first, I will offer you the practice that will help you anchor the Energy of Ascension in your own subtle material structure.

As often as possible imagine this energy wrapping around your upper chakras.

For this purpose you can use the “Golden triangle” again.

Yet, this time it will be three colour triangle: the blue energy will correspond to the sixth chakra, the purple one – to the seventh chakra and the pink energy – to the pineal gland.

And let these energies be constantly moving, intermingling with each other and creating different beautiful designs, rotations, spirals.

Little by little get them lower and lower so that they wrap around all your bodies now and fill your lower chakras – from the fifth to the first one.

Strive for all your subtle material structure to get filled with these colours and sustain this condition in your imagination.

Just the same way you can fill collective human conscience with these energies as well.

Start with its upper chakras and gradually get this wonderful “triunity” of Divine energies lower and lower dissolving by means of them the third dimension world programmes instilled in collective human conscience.

It is great if these energies will rotate, which will set in motion heavy compressed layers of human subconscience where these programmes are anchored.

Be creative, my dear!

Feel these energies and find the best variant that suits you to work with them.

If you learn to live in these energies all the time, you will automatically start sharing them with the people around you thereby filling collective human conscience with the Energy of Ascension as well.

It will settle in your subconscience now and will become a NEW AUTOMATIC REACTION to everything that happens in your life.

Yet, to reach this state as quickly as possible do not waste your time and every day polish the skills of unconventional reaction to people and events in all their variety – both global and minor routine things.

Believe me, my dear, there are no trifles in your life.

Each day is a treasure granted to you from above and you have the right to dispose of it at your own discretion.

You can live this day in happiness or sorrow, fill it with fun or sadness, interesting events or dull hours…

You can react to everything happening to you as a person of the third dimension world plunging into its energies or you can do this as a person of a new Earth now being filled with the Energy of Ascension who generously shares it with others.

Try, my beloved, to catch, like a surfer, the wave of Ascension and fly forward on it not falling down any more.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 9, 2020.

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