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life-on-new-earth-pure-information-resourceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the medicine of the transition period and will dwell on self-healing.

Generally speaking, this process has already begun for those of you who on a regular basis use the energy practices that you were offered in plenty on this website.

But I understand, my dear, that because of the abundance of information it is hard for you to get concentrated on some particular things and draw up a clear-cut programme of actions.

Why do I give you so much information on a tight timetable?

The only reason is that Earth’s vibrations and, consequently, your own ones, are increasing at a higher rate every year and so as to keep up with these great global changes on your planet, it is necessary to hurry up.

So that as many people as possible could make Transition, it is necessary to prepare some kind of a “locomotive” of most ancient and mature souls capable of leading others’ way.

This is the aim that the website “Renaissance” was created for.

The Higher Powers did their best to help it get sound position in the open of the internet and attract the very souls who it was created for.

But for those of you who got “drowned” in an immense volume of information and especially for those who have just plunged in it I would like to offer some kind of a plan of actions for your quick passing through the stages of your spiritual development since there is actually no time left to be wasted.

So, the first thing you should do is to get rid of stereotypes and patterns of the third dimension world that will prevent you from easy and free fitting in the new society of the fourth and then the Fifth dimension in a natural way .

For this purpose you should exclude from your life all mainstream media that have hidden mechanisms of human conscience influence instilled in them.

Find for yourselves some pure information resources in the internet. And let them be chosen by your intuition – your Soul, not your Mind.

The man criterion of your choice should become high vibrations of the person conveying information to you.

If you do not feel energies yet and cannot estimate the degree of energy purity of this or that person – expert on this or that field, journalist or blogger, you can be guided by the following external signs.

Information should be communicated with no excess emotions that in one way or another introduce distortions into the energy field of this person.

It should be presented in a clear, comprehensible and succinct way saving you time.

It should be based on certain facts and documents, not on their own guesses or considerations.

It should feature positive principle even if it contains negative and sometimes frightening facts.

In other words, the person communicating this or that information should not intimidate you but show you the way out of the situation that emerged inspiring your Belief in favourable outcome.

This way there occurs programming of conscience in a positive clue, which is of extreme importance now.

A complete about-turn of collective human conscience towards Light can work a miracle indeed and speed up manifold the Transition of Earth and all humanity into a new world of the Fifth dimension.

And, on the contrary, everything that conveys fear, despair or disappointment plays into the Dark forces’ hands and retards this Transition.

Therefore, my dear, choosing this or that information channel you are already making your contribution to either the light or the dark scenario of the developments on Earth.

Always remember about this.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 20, 2021.

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