LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Dissolving all kinds of fear)

life-on-new-earth-dissolving-all-kinds-of-fearGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on drawing up a plan of actions for those who “have got lost” in the information flow of this website.

The second point of your plan should become practices on deliverance from fear – the most destructive energy in the Universe.

It is of extreme importance to work through it up till the end, that is, to deliver from it not only your conscience but subconscience as well.

Since it is fear that is the main weapon of reptiloids by means of which their rule on Earth has been sustained for millennia, having got ultimately rid of fear, you will escape this captivity and obtain true freedom.

This time no one and nothing will ever make you do what is rejected by your Soul, especially if you strictly stick to the first point of your plan – not to listen to or watch mainstream news channels whose aim is exactly impressing fear in all its manifestations on people.

Moreover, deliverance from fear will become the first step of yours towards self-healing because it is this energy that triggers the whole chain of diseases in the body.

Fear that arose in your conscience, like a Bickford fuse, spreads this destructive energy all around the body “burning down” healthy cells and introducing chaos into a perfect and fine-tuned process of all your organs and vital functions working.

Of course, my dear, at present there are a lot of external factors influencing your body too.

It is poisoned air and low quality foodstuffs, medicines and children vaccines, stressful situations and unceasing control of the state over you and many more.

But have you ever thought why some people are badly influenced by all these external factors, while some others manage to live a happy life even in the conditions so trying?

Well, everything is quite easy to explain.

The former are obsessed by fear that makes this influence aggravated for the side of family and friends, bosses and government and even just a man in the street.

While the latter feature inner freedom and belief in themselves forcing fear out of their life by intuition.

In the third dimension world such people are accustomed to be separated into pessimists and optimists.

And, probably, you have noticed that pessimists fall ill much more often than optimists.

As a matter of fact, the human body has a potential thus powerful that under certain conditions it can self-heal.

But so far few have managed to create such conditions, though miracles happen in the third dimension world anyway.

But they are rather exceptions to the rule.

A greater portion of people live by inertia having deeply plunged into the third dimension world reality implicitly believing “talking heads” who communicate from TV screens the information that initiates fear and lack of confidence.

All the system of management and control on Earth, both temporal and religious, has been based from times immemorial on the energy of fear.

And now, my dear, having completely realized the harmful effect of fear on man, it is time to get rid of it forever.

And it is within your depth.

And let your new worldview be inspired by quite different energies: that of Light, Love, Confidence in the Creator and Belief in yourself and your potential.

The gloomy period of your life is being relegated to oblivion and you have unexampled space of a happy and constructive life opening before you where everything depends on you, not on a group of INhumans who have been at the helm of Earth for so many centuries.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 21, 2021.

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