REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Spirituality fake)

reptiloids-and-clones-spirituality-fakeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on discussing reptiloids’ impact on the esoteric world that with every single day embraces more and more human souls whose vibration frequency is rising together with that of Earth’s.

It is essential to avoid the traps set by reptiloids even in this sphere of life that seems to be so sacred.

You have already been given a lot of clues how to tell the true Higher Powers messages from the false ones but the problem is that quite often visiting some sites featuring low vibration frequency you unintentionally get tuned to it and become unable to “switch on” your upper chakras so as to “scan” the information published.

You start managing it only by your mind. And in order to keep your mind busy astral beings dictating messages to the majority of channelers do their best to throw in some “sensational” facts and outstanding news – in a word, to decoy you by an attractive “teaser” to ensure you will not “get off the hook” and visit the site as often as possible.

Moreover, being quite aware of the fact that controversy rarely serves the cause of truth they encourage people to leave replies – rather contradicting ones at times.

So, since the sites are visited by very different people, some of them do this by accident being perfectly unaware of the changes occurring at the subtle level, the discord in taking the information and its interpretation turns into a real chaos that leads the people away from the Divine particle of the messages and makes them descend into the energies of low vibration frequency.

And it applies not only to indignant, aggressive or just silly replies.

It equally applies to smooth-spoken, flattering replies and those lauding the channelers.

While of real value is only personal painstaking experience one feels like sharing with others to contribute to their common life experience.

And this is what is really valuable, for whatever pure and wonderful the Higher Powers messages are, they are some kind of an ideal one should strive for.

But if one learns the same information interpretation made by a human being just like oneself, one will understand that everything spoken about in the messages really WORKS IN PRACTICE and one will perceive it in a quite different way: one’s belief in efficiency of the messages like these will gain in strength manifold.

Do remember, my dear ones, you are responsible for every word uttered: it can either revive someone to a new life or breed apprehension, doubt and disappointment in them.

Every word you pronounce contributes its energy to the world filling it with the vibrations you generate.

Alongside with this, remember that one accepts everything you say according to the level of one’s own subconscience.

That is why even the finest, “divine” and correct words said NOT FROM HEART but from mind may turn out as destructive because they possess vibrations of the dual world, the one that features division into good and bad, divine and not divine, right and wrong.

So, the desire of some people to live up by all means to the good, divine and right image often results not in true spirituality but in playing spirituality game and it results from the desire to rise in one’s own and somebody else’s estimation.

The spirituality fake prevents one from estimating oneself and others impartially and instead of growing spiritually one goes round in circles.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on January 21, 2019

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