TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Interaction of etheric and causal bodies)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-interaction-of-etheric-and-causal-bodiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to consider the next human body – the causal one – and its influence on the etheric body.

By and large, all these three bodies – emotional, mental and causal – need to be considered in conjunction with each other.

We started from below – with the emotional body – only because, as a rule, it is the most “polluted” in a person.

And since the physical body is in the center of your Divine vessel, we started purifying the energy space from the inside, removing layer by layer the “scum” of human passions.

The causal body is responsible for self-expression – the things that are formed in your mental and emotional bodies and then projected into the outside world.

Why is the fifth chakra so often blocked in a person – to the extent that they feel it physically?

Just because they are “strangled” by emotions, unspokenness, resentment and fears of being misunderstood.

Therefore, having cleared the emotional and mental bodies from negative energies, and thereby, balancing the third and fourth chakras corresponding to them, your causal body will be cleaned automatically along with them, and your fifth chakra will naturally come into harmony.

Thus, it will no longer have a negative impact on your etheric body, and the energy of Love will circulate through all the energy channels connecting both the subtle bodies with the chakras and the chakras with each other, penetrating the etheric and then physical human body, healing all its ailments.

And when this happens, you will have quite a solid bridge between the physical body and its Divine aspects – the budhic and atmic bodies.

And this bridge will consist of the energy of Light and Love that by its vibrations will almost reach the vibrations of the sixth and seventh chakras that are the main sensory organs of the being of the Fifth Dimension.

But what will happen to the three intermediate subtle bodies and chakras that were mentioned above?

Merging through vibrations with the upper Divine chakras, they will become the main assistants of a person in a vivid manifestation of their personality.

After all, it is there – in the space of the Fifth Dimension – that all your talents and abilities will be fully demonstrated for the higher good of all.

In places with no duality, any negative thoughts and emotions generated by it can no longer be manifested due to the fact that your Ego will give way to the Divine essence of human, manifested in all their actions.

Now a man will not need to assert themselves and win their place in the sun.

They will peacefully engage in creativity, enjoying it themselves and bringing joy to the surrounding ones by results of their labour.

Believe me, my dear ones, by breaking out of the framework of the third dimension world, you will discover in yourself so many natural gifts that many of you did not even suspect of, being bogged down in an everyday routine and struggle for survival.

Your Divine vessel, “polished up” by the energy of Love to the nines, will shine all through the Universe.

So get down to this fascinating and urgent work now, my dear ones, without waiting for better times.

By this you will not only bring these times closer, but also show the people around you the miracle of the transformation of a person who has embarked on the course of development of Ascension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 28 June, 2019

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