LIFE ON NEW EARTH (From personal choice to common victory)

life-on-new-earth-from-personal-choice-to-common-victoryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the interaction of collective conscience of this or that civilization with its representatives incarnated in physical bodies but this time we will lay emphasis on the cases when their souls live next to other souls in one physical medium.

As it was said in my recent message, two souls can rarely coexist in a harmonious way, and there is most often “tug-of-war” between them, with each of them trying to take advantage.

And it happens, before all, because each of them is influenced by its collective conscience.

As a result, there “wins” the soul whose collective conscience is stronger.

In this case by the word “victory” I mean not eviction of the other soul but fixing in human conscience of the main principles of the civilization that soul belongs to.

At the physical level it is expressed in the worldview and behaviour of a person that feature the impact of the collective conscience their soul belongs to.

Yet, since for millennia your planet has been ruled by the reptile race, their collective conscience has become strong and gained the size large enough to make enormous impact not only on particular people but also on collective consciences of other civilizations whose representatives embodied as humans.

It happened gradually and unnoticeably for people.

The guiding life principle of reptiloids “Divide and rule” penetrating all the power, financial, social and even family customs and traditions have taken over the conscience and subconscience of people to the extent it has turned into an integral part of life of every person irrespective of where their soul came to Earth from.

Thus, there has taken place some kind of whittling down of the overwhelming majority of your planet’s inhabitants’ conscience whose souls have come from a variety of worlds.

And only the purest and most ancient souls arriving at Earth with a specific mission not only preserved individual traits of their civilizations but also enriched their entire collective conscience.

I would like you to know that one great soul like this can “outweigh” the influence produced on collective human conscience by millions of ordinary souls that fell under alien influence and lost their original Divine abilities.

This is exactly the reason why some names that made history are unfading indeed, and a lot of people are eager to live following these great souls’ precepts thereby sustaining and enriching their collective conscience sharing the best of what they have – the beauty and purity of their Divine soul.

But let us come back to our case – coexistence of two souls in one body.

While back in time such people lived their life being unaware of the fact and after their physical death each soul left for their worlds, now the situation has drastically changed.

The new energies that have arrived at Earth are literally “highlighting” each soul bringing to light its most vivid traits.

This is happening to each person now but it is especially conspicuous in case of people with two souls as each of the souls living in them due to the high vibration energies “is coming back” to its origins apparently showing all the very best and worst it has.

As a result, their struggle for the physical medium gets aggravated, which results in unpredictable actions and uncontrolled outbursts of different emotions of the person they have embodied in.

The same occurs to the collective consciences of these souls that are also exposed to the influence of the highest vibrations energies never unseen on Earth.

And you can see the example of it as the current events on Earth: there is in progress vigourous opposition between the Dark and the Light Forces – a real fight between highly developed civilizations’ collective consciences and those that rate among low vibration civilizations and, first of all, collective reptiloid conscience.

And this fight is taking place BY MEANS of the souls embodied as humans, which you can see now nearly at every turn.

But there is an advantage here, too since it is now at the peak of energies concentration when every owner of two souls has opportunity to get rid of the unwelcomed neighbour – the soul that now does not meet the level of their conscience and prevents them from making Transition.

This is exactly the reason why you were offered the practice «Deliverance of Divine Soul» that will help you not only change your destiny but also restore the natural course of each soul’s development that was originally meant to have only one physical medium.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 4, 2021.

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