THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Lower sublevel of upper astral)


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Having told you about the upper astral world structure I would like to focus on each its subdivision separately.

And we will start from the lower sublevel, the one inhabited by the beings who have just arrived here from the medium astral world level.

This subdivision is rather densely populated and its inhabitants are quite active as their curiosity and desire for new knowledge “pushed them out” here.

The astral beings of this sublevel are well aware of the overwhelming majority needs, the man in the street psychology, and do their best to meet them.

Since communication with the astral world has become fashionable they widely use their abilities to contact the human beings with the subtle world channel opened.

As long as “geographically” they are the closest to you it is them who answer your questions asked with the help of a pendulum or other secondary “tools” for subtle world communication.

Some people channel long messages from them, few others – even books.

As a rule, it happens to the spiritually immature human beings who plunged into the esoteric world following the fashion, out of the desire to stand out of the crowd or “to manifest” spirituality that they view as exclusiveness and superiority, to cut it short, to those possessed by false pride of all kinds.

This is how it comes about.

Because of their strong desire to become intermediaries between the Higher Powers and humans they start urging the natural course of events calling on during their meditations those they would like to talk to.

“The enthusiasts” of the same kind inhabit the lower subdivision of the upper astral level.

They are on their mettle as well, eager to share the things they discovered in the energy space new for them.

They nourish mostly on the energy such kind of people generates, who are their reflection and “donors” at the same time.

Therefore, the desires of the both sides coincide and they open a conversation.

In fact, what these people do is talk to themselves and what they are busy with is wishful thinking.

Their “talk” is largely determined by the education, bringing -up, character and scope of interests of the person contacting astral beings.

To put it in a nutshell, human beings attract the astral beings of the corresponding mini-egregors: esoteric, religious, historic, etc. and even the “household” one.

This egregor is also there in this energy space and is among the most popular ones. Its inhabitants answer the simplest questions connected with your everyday life and their answers are often correct because penetrating your energy space they feel and know quite a lot.

 If one with the subtle world communication channel opened keeps in touch with the astral beings on a regular basis one can develop one’s ability of close intercourse with them, the latter assisting them eagerly.

Many channelers get really addicted to it. They write down long texts and feel being not mere mortals but exceptional ones, those who get access to the sacred knowledge and manage to lift a mysterious veil separating the dense and subtle worlds.

Yet, these things are not as harmless as they may seem at first sight. And I am going to tell you about this in my next messages.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta, on June 14, 2018

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