LIFE ON NEW EARTH (What is done by night will appear by day)

life-on-new-earth-what-is-done-by-night-will-appear-by-dayGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the way human communication will be arranged on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Since in this new high vibration space all human thoughts and emotions will become “transparent”, there will be impossible relationships other than open and trusty.

Such emotions as cunning, hypocrisy, flattery because of their low vibrations will simply not be able to arise, let alone show themselves, since the astral beings provoking and constantly sustaining them will turn out to be “left out”.

But during this transition period that for convenience can be called the fourth dimension you will already be able to witness that “what is done by night appears by day”.

You will see the true nature of those who have been ruling the world and who horse and foot will try to “put up a happy face on things”, which is already in progress in your country.

Those who thoroughly follow the developments concerning coronavirus see that those invested with authority and the mass media under their control are doing their best to slander and scoff at people disclosing truth and providing irrefutable facts on the world government crimes and their plans on turning humans into obedient marionettes once and for all.

And although they are doing it in a rude, impudent and primitive way, a lot of people still remain in their grip because their conscience is so dependable being kept in blinkers that they cannot tell light from dark, truth from lie, hypocrisy from sincere desire to help them.

Yet, alongside with this, on Earth there are appearing more and more people who recovered from the third dimension lethargy and the clear image of the current events on a global scale is eventually becoming “developed” for them, and they start understanding the underlying motives of the ruling world top.

Thus, my dear, all the masks will be thrown off and despite the desperate attempts of those who “have played the tune” on Earth for a long time to keep their power, they will not be able to turn the tide of the new energy processes that are getting more and more intensified on your planet.

The cruel and inhumane laws of individuality suppression that were once introduced by reptiloids on Earth will be replaced by the Laws of the Universe that all highly developed civilizations live in accordance with and that people who will manage to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth are to live in accordance with from now on.

All this will happen quite quickly due to the fact that already now there are some leaders on your planet who are ready to “stand at the wheel” and make a sharp change in the course of the “ship” named Earth.

These are numerous particles of great souls, as well as representatives of highly developed civilizations incarnated as humans with the mission of support to people during their Transition to another dimension.

Many of them have already switched over to Service but until the power is in the grip of reptiloids and their ilk they cannot show openly and on a larger scale.

It is essential to accumulate the critical mass of people who will be able to feel energy but not to judge a person by words that often disguise their criminal intentions.

And when it happens there will finally fall down the “curtain” hiding the Dark from the Light, and people will once and for all become convinced that “the emperor has nothing on” and, moreover, he is deprived of the human appearance, too.

For many this insight will be rather painful since their usual world will be collapsing before their eyes and they will see the true faces of the world leaders – of the past and of the present – who they used to trust but who committed crimes so inhumane that conscience of many people will refuse to believe it.

Yet, it is the only way that you can advance to a new stage of your development – through acceptance of the truth, no matter how horrible it is.

And the main thing you should remember is that you should take this truth without aggression or censure but as a hard and sad lesson that not just certain people have to learn but all the humanity that now having thrown off the burden is advancing to a new level of their existence in the space of the Fifth dimension.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marat on June 21, 2020.

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