WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Personal space inviolability right)

window-on-new-world-personal-space-inviolability-rightGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the third stage of Disclosure that is aimed to reveal the degree of the ruling top’s interference into human life.

And at issue will be inviolability of human personal space.

The series of my previous messages dwelt on the new realities of your life.

And now we will consider them once again but this time from the point of view of the intrusion by new technologies into personal human space without them being aware of it, which is by far the grossest violation of the Law of the Free Will.

As a matter of fact, these actions by the deep state’s representatives are crimes as horrible as the experiments that were carried out on people by the Nazis of fascist Germany.

But at present everything is done in a disguised way, on “legal” grounds and, moreover, it is presented to people as good.

Well, the scale of influence on people is quite a different nowadays.

Now a subject to such experiments is a whole planet of yours.

And in this case at issue is not only pernicious experimental preparations under the name of “vaccine” but also a lot of other things that are concealed from human eyes.

Let us act on the premise of that personal human space is not only their physical body and their subtle ones but also their house, personal transport and, generally speaking, their settlement, village, city and country they live in.

So, while “vaccines”, gene modified foodstuffs, medicines and hygiene products harmful to one’s health directly influence the physical body, electromagnetic irradiation and artificial intelligence make their impact on people indirectly at the same time embracing huge distances.

Penetrating into the human aura, they influence their conscience and subtle bodies the way that eventually their physical body starts suffering too.

So, for example, wave irradiations that provoke human emotions of fear and aggression lead to irrevocable consequences in their psyche that are followed by numerous diseases too.

This is exactly the purpose that on your planet there is being set up a dense net of the 5G installations that are aimed at activation of nanoparticles which this way or another have already been introduced into bodies of many people.

As a result, on your planet there has arisen a unique situation of massive intrusion into personal human space WITHOUT THEM BEING AWARE of it and, consequently, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

But even in the conditions like these not indifferent people have managed to get to the heart of the matter and realize the danger humanity is threatened with.

They are the very people that we have already got used to calling the revived.

But the major part of Earth’s population was obediently going to the “slaughter” being unaware of the danger implied and completely trusting the authorities and the media.

Therefore, this stage of Disclosure will be quite painful for their psyche especially for those of them who support cutting-edge technologies both in everyday life and medical sphere.

So, all widely-advertised conveniences of digitizing and artificial intelligence will turn out enslavement tools for them and salvation “vaccines” – a tool for killing.

Yet, without this truth it will be impossible to move on – this is the only way to stop further spreading of the experiments at human psyche and their physical bodies.

The right for personal space inviolability is a natural gift to humans, and no one has the right to intrude into it without one being aware of it.

But, as you see, even this right you have to fight for to win it back.

And it should be done by all means and as soon as possible so as to rescue at least the part of humanity that still can be rescued.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 9, 2023.

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