WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Not all people are humans)

window-on-new-world-not-all-people-are-humansGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message today I would like to tell you about the second stage of Disclosure that humanity should go through before contacting their Galaxy family directly.

So, the second stage is for humanity to realize the fact that not all the people are humans, that is pure Divine Souls, and that these are the majority on Earth now.

I have already told you about how many low vibration creatures have learnt to incarnate as humans.

Gradually they have actually congested Earth more and more forcing out her rightful inhabitants – the pure and mature souls that were in the foreground of life’s origin on your planet.

Why has it happened?

The reason is, before all, that on Earth there appeared a lot of mixed marriages: pure humans with reptiloids, the Orions, representatives of Alfa-Centauri and many other civilizations willing to get involved into life experience on Earth.

From these marriages, depending on whose energy was prevailing, there appeared the so-called half-breds who in their turn entering into marriages could reproduce posterity of pure reptiloids and the Orions now…

Which was most often the case taking into consideration the energies that dominated in the world under the Dragon reptiles’control.

Another category of NON-humans are biorobots that were artificially introduced to your planet by one of the technocratic civilizations of the Greys.

In appearance these creatures do not differ much from common people but their subtle material structure is quite distinct since they lack chakra system as it is.

These creatures are easy to tell by their behaviour – standard in all respects: facial expression, gestures, grimaces, blind fashion and advertisement following, as well as the authorities instructions.

This so-called biomass was embedded into human society not by chance: they were supposed to play the tune in society thereby leading pure human souls astray from the spiritual path.

They hoped that the minority would follow the majority trying not to stand out of the crowd and “be just like everybody else”.

And it should be noted that to a large extent it has worked out.

It is biorobots that helped the deep state to create the consumerism society that has dragged into its swamp a lot of human souls.

Having the ability to reproduce naturally, little by little they have congested your planet, in fact.

And the third category of Earth’s “inhabitants” that has been around for several centuries is clones artificially created in the laboratory setting.

They cannot reproduce since are only some semblance of a human being that beside appearance has nothing in common with humans and that is controlled by their creator.

These creatures are made with certain parameters and for the purpose of clear execution of commands.

They can be an exact copy of a person, a political figure most often, and it is done for the latter not to get out of the deep state’s control but to follow all the demands and orders of the world government.

What is more, there are produced clone soldiers, clone workers, clone migrants, clone rebels according to the “masters of the world’s” needs.

As you see, my dear, the population of your planet is so motley and differs in vibrations that much that it is almost impossible for Earth’s inhabitants to reach some kind of Unity.

Only those will be able to get really united in Brotherhood and Love who possess a pure Divine Soul.

With the course of time it is only them who will remain on Earth as all the other inhabitants will not be able to withstand high vibration energies of the Fifth dimension physically or in terms of psyche.

And this part of Disclosure for many will become an insuperable obstacle – people’s conscience will simply refuse to accept the information thus appalling to them.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 8, 2023.

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