transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-divine-coitionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we have come up to the issue of how you can revive the original state of your sexual energy, which nowadays at the threshold of Ascension gains particular importance.

To begin with, human sexual energy depends on one’s energy state in general since it is closely connected with one’s other chakras.

Only having balanced, that is having brought to harmony, all your chakras, you will be able to balance your sexual energy.

But I would like to remind you once again of the fact that what is at issue is just sexual energy but not sexual desire that is simply a physical reflection of this energy and depends a lot on its “quality” that is on its vibration level.

Let us consider the energy mechanism of such interaction citing the following example.

It will be based on the relationships of a man and a woman who have already reached quite a high level of their spiritual development and “sexual relationships” for them is a complex notion consisting of many elements.

They are already aware of the fact that without spiritual intimacy full-fledged sexual relationships are out of question.

And they start mindfully build energy “bridges” at chakras level connecting not only their physical bodies but subtle ones as well.

In practice it is expressed, in spite of their sexual appeal to each other, as their being  NOT IN A HURRY to get physical intimacy intuitively understanding that this way they can ruin their relationships “structure” that has not fully shaped at the subtle level.

Between them there occurs the very energy “scanning” that I spoke about in my recent message.

They get to know each other at the subtle level, learn to “talk” with their bodies without words – by means of gestures, looking and touching one another …

This is a fascinating creative process that makes sexual energy of both of them incredibly enriched – advancing it to quite a different level.

And here it is of extreme importance to feel when this process reaches its apogee and requires completion at the physical level.

You should find the golden mean that will not result in a too rapid convergence or, on the contrary, in a too long “prelude” when sexual desire of one or the other can “burn out”.

And if a man and a woman manage to reach such harmony, then their coition will become really a Divine one – deserved and long-awaited.

But when it happens your intuition will have another task this time – study your beloved’s body at the physical level now, feel what exactly brings them real satisfaction and learn to correlate your desires with those of your sweetheart’s – in other words, bring to harmony your physical sensations, which takes time, efforts and involves creative approach.

The most important, my dear, is not to hasten, trust each other and not get upset if something goes wrong from the first try.

Men’s and women’s physiology, just as their psychology, is too different.

Getting to know each other is a long but exciting process.

And if you are patient and learn to fine perception of one another’s shades at all the levels of existence, then you will be rewarded with truly Divine feelings having nothing to do with those people are content with in the third dimension world.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 27, 2020.

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