LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Bringing Divine justice)

life-on-new-earth-bringing-divine-justiceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the impact made on people by human-friendly civilizations representatives embodied as humans.

In spite of the fact that coming on Earth almost all of them lose the memory about who they are and why they have incarnated on this planet, their genetic memory and subconscious reactions still feature the impact of their civilization.

That is why they see everything happening on Earth from another perspective – in a brighter and more vivid manner: not the apparent things that high and mighty are trying to “communicate” to people in an artificial way but what the true essence of things and people is.

These Souls’ conscience is difficult to manipulate using the third dimension world patterns – the main tool of reptiloids – they do not have them in their subconscience, with only the Laws of the Universe being “embedded” in subconscience in the worlds of higher vibrations.

This is exactly the reason why getting embodied on Earth such Souls become prominent peacemakers and truth-seekers.

They unintentionally try to introduce the Laws of the Universe to Earth, the ones all highly developed civilizations live in accordance with.

They often seem white crows who are in every possible way scoffed at by the people of low level conscience and low vibration civilizations representatives embodied as humans, with those at the helm trying to punish them for disobedience and freethinking.

Yet, their spirit is very hard to break since it is the FREEDOM of mentality and behaviour that their true essence is, while to play the hypocrite and adjust to alien rules and laws is not allowed in terms of their good conscience and inborn purity.

And now, my dear, at this supreme moment for your planet many of them openly speak on the internet disclosing all the evil of modern society.

They tell people about what is actually going on Earth, what grave crimes have been concealed from them for millennia thereby trying to revive humanity from the third dimensionality “hibernation” and help people embark on the spiritual development way.

Some of them have their telepathy channel opened for communication with their civilizations, star families, the Higher Powers of the Universe.

They are also supported at the physical level by those like them highly developed civilizations representatives, but with their memory preserved and therefore their liaison with their planets and civilizations being closer.

Thereby, down the chain support “from above” is arriving on your planet: energy and physical one.

And quite soon it is them – the Souls who arrived at Earth from higher dimensions – who are to take the key posts in the leading countries of the world, which will enable the development of a new society on Earth based on new principles.

But before this you are to live through not just a hard period of the old system destruction but a real universal “catharsis” – complete recognition of the things that happened and are still happening on your planet and accepting the horrible truth about the deeds of high and mighty.

You are to advance your conscience to another level of existence, with no place for aggression and censure but with understanding that the most terrible life period of humanity on Earth is over and without looking back you are to build a new wonderful life on the planet of the Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 24, 2020.

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