WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Life among vaccinated)

window-on-new-world-life-among-vaccinatedGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will start a new topic and will talk about the way you should live in the society where most people are vaccinated and, the main thing, how you should interact with them so as not to do any harm either to them or yourselves.

As a matter of fact, humanity has not realized to a full extent yet that now they are living in quite a different reality where little depends on people themselves.

Being unaware of it people let the situation arise when they were driven to submission by those who you are used to calling globalists.

Yet, even they are just executors of those who control them from behind the scene, the Dragon reptiles of the higher caste, to be exact.

The fact that the scientists in their grip have developed preparations that are not only baneful to health and life of people but also change their genetics is by far the grossest crime against humanity.

But especially cynical is that they presented them to gullible people as a salvational “vaccine” for the “disease” that the very scientists created themselves.

And though we have already talked a lot with you about whether to take or not to take such “vaccines” is a free choice of everyone, a lot of people, in fact, were not provided with such a choice, actually.

A lot of people were forced to the circumstances that they could have lost their job or closed their enterprises if they had not taken these preparations.

The deep state’s marionettes have never acted as unanimously and well organized before.

This way they were saving their own life that was in their bosses’ hands.

But let us come back to the vaccinated.

They can be divided into several groups both according to the “origin” and the reasons that made them get vaccinated.

The “origin”, as you have probably guessed, implies pure human souls and low vibration creatures souls that are embodied as humans, as well as clones and biorobots.

As for the former, we will talk about them in details in my coming messages.

While those in the latter group are the ones who became the “locomotive” for the rest.

It was them who got seized with fear for their life and they were ready to do anything just not to fall victim to the “fatal” disease.

It was them who became vaccinated during the first weeks and months of the so-called “pandemic” blindly believing the mass media, the ones that actually were performing as “dealers” for pharmaceutical companies and working off their fee diligently.

This is exactly what globalists staked at.

Featuring low vibrations thank to their subtle material structure or even lacking them at all, as far as clones and biorobots are concerned, these creatures were quite easily going through the aftereffects of the “salvational” injections, which inspired others to follow their example.

This was exactly the reason for the unforeseen large-scale participation and even craze that arose during the first months of general “vaccination”.

And many of these creatures are not experiencing any serious discomfort up till now since their vibrations do not exceed much the vibrations of the creatures whose genome was introduced into their body.

Yet, nevertheless, even their conscience is getting gradually degraded, which starts showing at the physical level more and more.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 30, 2023.

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