WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Neutral zone)

window-on-new-world-neutral-zoneGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message let us now talk about the way the border that separates the third and fourth dimensions forms.

At present a lot of people are in the “neutral zone” between these two dimensions.

And depending on the level of vibrations some people, like by a magnet, are attracted to the fourth dimension, while others whose vibrations remain at the former level still keep within the “boundaries” of the third one so far.

Well, what is the “neutral zone” between the two dimensions like?

It consists of energy “half-tints” that get increasing vibration fullness as long as they are reaching the border of the fourth dimension.

To make it easier to visualize, you can imagine the whole spectrum of any colour you chose: from its palest, hardly distinguishable tint on the border of the third dimension to the brightest and most saturated one on the border of the fourth dimension.

So, pale shades symbolize quite a low vibration level, while getting closer to the fourth dimension the colour becomes brighter and brighter, more and more saturated.

Those of you who feel energies well can “play” with this image so as to feel the difference of vibrations of the third and fourth dimensions, as well as those in the interval between them.

For this purpose you will have to bring your upper chakras into play, the ones whose degree of activation is exactly to determine your headway to higher dimensions.

We will call this practice “Neutral zone”.

And you can improvise in it comparing the third dimension world you are living in now to the one you would like to live in beyond the “boundary” of the fourth dimension.

But what you should see and feel especially clearly is the “neutral zone” running between them.

For a start, get concentrated on your seventh chakra – try to feel it properly.

And then crossing the border line of the third dimension in your thoughts, start to move forward to the cherished goal – to the fourth dimension.

So as not only to maintain your vibrations at the former level but also increase them gradually, imagine the border line as a wonderful scenery that will encourage this with its purity and harmony.

It can be a wide field strewed with flowers or a mountain path or, maybe, a beautiful bridge across the river.

Chose the things to your Soul – the ones that bring peace and harmony to it.

And step by step moving to your goal, do not forget to watch the “behaviour” of your seventh chakra.

Try to detect keenly its finest vibration fluctuations.

As you are advancing on the way, it is likely to start pulsing more and more or getting warm thereby showing the increase of your vibration level.

Having reached the boundary of the fourth dimension that everyone will also see in their own way – in consistence with their imagination, feel the vibration “climax” of your condition.

It is quite possible that at this moment your Golden triangle will get “heated”.

Remember this sensation since it is the very vibration “height” you can achieve right now.

Mastering this practice will help you maintain your vibrations at this level because now you will know your present abilities and unintentionally strive for this “etalon”.

And let this practice become not work for you but enjoyable “walk” between the dimensions – development of the “neutral zone” that separates them.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 29, 2022.

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