REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Collective conscience of clones)

reptiloids-and-clones-collective-conscience-of-clonesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, in conclusion we will talk about the collective conscience of clones.

There is certainly no collective conscience of clones as it is, for they do not possess conscience of their own but only the things designed-in by their producers.

Yet, there are some specific features in their behaviour that allow to single out some certain energy unities that due to high concentration of similar kinds of energy can roughly be called group conscience of clones.

And now we will study this in detail.

In order to identify what conscience group a clone belongs to it is necessary to know the purpose of their creation.

There is a variety of different purposes and here a lot depends on the way a clone was produced and what programmes were initially designed in them.

For example, clones initiated in test tubes and born the natural way often contain human depersonalization programmes.

They often possess attractive appearance that is too beautiful and getting older they do their best to make people look like them resorting to the help of operations and other artificial means of changing their appearance.

By this they destruct people’s attention from real life values decreasing their vibration frequency to selfish desires of being attractive and beautiful physically not spiritually.

This group of clones makes up the group conscience featuring human beings’ depersonalization.

The clones produced in secret laboratories and born artificially are, as a rule, introduced into society quite mature with clear-cut missions.

They can make cheap labour force, merciless murderers and, sometimes even groups of clones with specific social patterns designed to slacken moral principles of human society that prevent reptiloids from making their dreams come true.

A vivid example of this is migration processes taking place nowadays all over the world.

As a result there come into being group energy unities of workaholics, murderers and creatures threatening national interests of some countries and bringing in chaos and destruction.

The third category of clones substituting the humans out of favour of reptiloids are mostly introduced into the sphere of their “originals” whose shadows they become as they are deprived of their energy potential and the Divine Soul component.

So, for example, a lot of substitutions have been made in esoteric world and it leads the people unable to identify low vibration frequency pseudo-teachers to spirituality surrogate and consequently to decrease in vibrations.

Political circles are also rich in substitutions. The one and only goal that reptiloids pursued here is to substitute the unwanted humans with clones totally in their submission and ready to impose the policy aimed at the high caste reptiloids’ enrichment.

The clones of these categories, in their turn, make up the collective conscience of pseudo-spirituality and the collective conscience of holding power and money.

But all these energy unities are weak as clones lacking chakra system and subtle bodies don’t possess any energy of their own.

Their chaotic energy replenish with human energy can’t supply strong regular “theme” group conscience, let alone the overall collective conscience of clones.

Still, my dear ones, you should remember that you can unintentionally become donors for these artificial energy unities alien to human beings.

Therefore, be attentive while analyzing your environment and try to scan energy profiles of everyone you have to deal with.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on February 16, 2019

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