in-one-streamGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk about the current events taking place on your planet.

I see, my dear, that your patience is failing since the agony of Dark’s henchmen on Earth is being delayed and sometimes it seems to you that they are winning.

Actually, it is no so.

The things now in progress on the planet Earth have no analogues in the Universe.

While change of epochs used to be realized either by global cataclysms that wiped off Earth entire continents with their inhabitants, or due to the intervention of extraterrestrial races that annihilated your planet’s population with mass destruction weapon, now Earth is moving to another energy space with the humanity representatives who have managed in prompt time to cover the road of spiritual evolution and to increase their vibrations up to the level enabling them to make this Transition.

But those who have hold sway over your planet for so many centuries cannot put up with the fact they are losing their prey and are trying tooth and nail to keep their power on Earth.

Remember my series of message about the hierarchy pyramid of power on Earth.

And while at the subtle level this pyramid has almost gone to pieces, the executors of the programme on humanity annihilation embodied as humans are still vehemently struggling for their life.

It is them who sow panic and fear among Earth’s population making people accept the procedure fateful for them, the one insidiously disguised as “vaccination” that most people on the planet associate with the salutary means rescuing them from diseases.

And till the mass media are in the grip of the criminals who seized Earth, it is extremely hard to turn the tide.

The voices of thousands and thousands of pure human souls trying to convey truth to people get lost in the tremendous flow of lie proceeding from TV screens, newspapers and magazines pages, as well as the internet.

You see how alternative sources of information are being ousted out of the internet, how censorship is raging, how persecution is rife and rampant towards honest doctors, lawyers and journalists.

The “palpi” of the Dragon reptiles have reached every corner of your planet and every person tracking their actions and hunting them every time they feel danger coming from them.

Just imagine, my dear, the large scale of the work that is being carried out by the representatives of the Light Forces on Earth every minute putting their life at risk to deliver humanity from digital enslavement and let the best representatives of it to make a unique Transition into another dimension in their physical bodies.

Their matter brooks no haste and is regulated from higher dimensions. They are getting enormous support but as enormous is their sphere of activity because it embraces not some specific country but all the planet of yours.

The enemy is too dangerous, my dear, and they have nothing to lose.

Feeling their soon collapse the shadow government’s marionettes have staked it all limiting people’s freedoms to the utmost.

Yet, by their actions have got just the opposite effect: millions of people have risen to fight for their rights.

And though it happens unevenly in different countries, the infeed of the energies of freedom and desire to dispose of one’s life into the collective human conscience has already outweighed the energy of apathy and obedience typical of the co-called average man.

Light always wins over Dark and the energy of Unity and Freedom always wins over the energy of fear and servility as their vibrations are incomparable.

So, please, my dear, when you suddenly lose heart and it seems your strength is draining away, sit for a meditation and send your Love and support to all the Warriors of Light both on Earth, and in Heaven.

Then the streamlet of your energy will join the vigorous high vibration torrent of the best representatives of humanity that will wash away the last traces of Dark’s henchmen and will encourage the long-awaited Disclosure that will become the turning point of Earth’s rebirth and that of her best inhabitants as well.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 10, 2021.

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