life-on-new-earth-inertnessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the obstacles and reefs awaiting you on the way to Ascension.

One of them is your inertness.

I know that many of you try to put into practice as often as possible the knowledge and meditations that you got.

But there are a lot more people who confine themselves just to reading the messages accepting them with all their hearts and souls but then in the daily round they forget about their practical application.

It is actually not as harmless.

It is akin to a person who had higher medical education and goes on using elementary hospital attendant’s skills.

Actually, my dear, you can well become human souls’ healers – so huge is the amount of Divine knowledge and spiritual practices you have already been offered.

Most of them do not require long hours of meditations – they can be done on the go depending on the circumstances but this does not deprive them of their efficiency.

And their realization in life is blocked only by your inertness, your habits that have been accumulated for years and hold you in their grip preventing your spiritual growth.

Same as your physical body loses its flexibility and elasticity without exercise, so does your Soul without moral one – spiritual – exercise losing its purity and stopping its progress and development.

It resembles watching sports lying on the sofa. You will not become strong and dexterous as the sportsmen you admire are.

Of course, it is not easy – to overcome inertia and spiritual laziness and instead of following the mainstream to keep alert all the time being ready to bring yourself to harmony, as well as your relatives or different situations that arise in your life every day – in a word, to control your conscience every minute.

Well, this is exactly what my aim is: help you become MINDFUL every minute of your life.

And if you learn this, not only your own reality will start changing swiftly, but the reality of your planet as well.

Just imagine for a moment how much life of people will change if the majority of them stop generating low vibration energies controlling each thought and emotion of theirs.

And, consequently, the people around finding themselves in their field of Love and Light will start changing basking in the energies of high vibrations.

And with spiritual practices to be added here, as well as your own methods of dissolving negative energies, changes on Earth will not keep waiting and the long-awaited new world will begin manifesting before your eyes.

Do not forget about this, my dear!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 12, 2021.

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