LIFE ON NEW EARTH (He that lies down with dogs…)

life-on-new-earth-he-that-lies-down-with-dogsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to touch upon the issue of your attitude to other people’s opinion, no matter who it comes from: the mass media, the people you respect or your family.

This is exactly the thing that becomes a stumbling stone for many on their spiritual way.

I know that most light souls that have embarked on the road of Ascension rejected the official mass media long ago realizing all the falsity and bias of theirs, yet, along with this they find themselves captured by other sources of information – quite independent, at first sight, that are plentiful on the internet at present.

The criteria for such sources to be chosen are most often personal liking towards this or that blogger or journalist and, not rarely their peremptory and confident manner that makes a magical impact on people.

Gradually people get used to a new and, as it seems to them, a genuine source of information that they start taking for gospel.

It usually happens to wingmen – those who got used to following somebody else’s advice all their life and who need a leader, guru, coach who will explain everything to them and will confidently lead their way.

The main merit of reptiloids is that they have made people forget how to think and make decisions independently, on a large scale, they made people forget how to listen to THEMSELVES – their Soul and Heart.

This is the reason why they have succeeded quite easily to drive people to the trap they made – “pandemic” by name.

So now, seeing that a considerable part of the population is getting revived from the dormancy and starts searching for alternative sources of information, they are trying to take over this information sector too just as they made a lot of efforts in their good time to get at the helm of the esoteric world, which they have succeeded in to a large degree.

While really pure and independent sources of information are impudently deleted from the internet by the marionettes of the shadow government, the sources conveying half-truth, which is sometimes even worse than lies, are kept by them.

And, as a rule, they are the sources generating the energies of fear, resentment, aggression, as well as those sowing suspicion in human souls.

You already know, my dear, how different can be the way to communicate the same events: with wise disengagement or aggressive involvement.

And while in the former case one is provided with the opportunity to follow cause-effect succession and make one’s own conclusion, the latter just makes one’s feelings of discontent and hopelessness agitated that drive one into a severe depression.

Of course, not everybody communicating current events in a negative vein do this deliberately.

They often want to help others to find out what is going on and share the available information with them.

Yet, their spiritual development stage, their low vibrations do to let them do this at an appropriate energy level.

Therefore, here is a good piece of advice to you: before you start listening to someone, no matter how interesting the information offered may seem, first try to identify this person’s vibration level engaging not your Mind but your intuition – Soul and Heart.

It will prevent you from making numerous mistakes and will save your time to make use of in a way more beneficial for you and your Soul.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 10, 2021.

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