LIFE ON NEW EARTH (From material to spiritual)

life-on-new-earth-from-material-to-spiritualGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about external factors that obstruct Earth’s way to Ascension and how you can influence them.

The biggest obstacle is that all the mass media are still under the control of the shadow government’s protégés.

This is the reason why human conscience is changing so slowly.

You, certainly, cannot forbid your nearest and dearest, friends and acquaintances who got used to getting information from the news programmes to watch TV.

But you can in a meted way carefully make them familiar with alternative sources of information that preferably contain documents and facts, not just diffuse reasoning of these or those people no matter how right the words they say are.

It is extremely important now to make one start thinking about current events for ONESELF comparing these or those facts, as well as statements and actions of the officials.

For a material-oriented person it can give impetus to their conscience revival and, consequently, their ability to think in a different way involving their intuition now, not just logical Mind.

And now, there has already become available in free access a lot of evidence of the world government’s crimes and you simply have to systematize it so as to convey it to people in the amount and quality that will do no harm to their psyche but will just encourage their thoughts and independent search of the facts they are interested in.

You can even arrange related items according to the topics: for example, vaccines ingredients and the hazards they are fraught with for people, as well as harm of masking and lockdown.

Yet, it is essential to provide yourself with the documents and valid scientific research findings confirming your words but presented in a short form comprehensible for everyone.

Of great importance are also juridical aspects of illegitimacy of all coronavirus related restrictions and they have already been worked out by honest and decent specialists in this field and are freely accessible.

It is these issues directly concerning one’s health and primary civil rights that can become the starting point for the people who have not revived yet in their further search of the truth.

The next step can be made of the interviews fragments of the world government’s top representatives that have recently appeared in number in the internet and that say about their plans in respect of humanity.

And they do not conceal them any more being sure they have taken control over human conscience for a long time by means of the mass media in their grip in all the countries of the world.

These plans presuppose exercising total control over people, depriving them of private property and access to full-fledged education, destruction of family values and many more which opposes the moral values of a common person.

And after that it is extremely important to find the materials and publications that open people’s eyes to that it is the false “pandemic” that the shadow government’s representatives are bringing their inhumane plans to life thereby showing the cause-effect correlation of the current events taking place on Earth now.

Why am I telling you in such details about seemingly apparent things?

Only because, my dear, I see your mistakes in communicating with people and understand how hard it is for you to talk to those whose vibrations are at a frequency absolutely different from yours so far.

That is why I suggest you should start their enlightenment with rather material things that concern everyone thereby encouraging their self-development and gradual withdrawal from the third dimension matrix.

This way, step by step, one will reach one’s life’s spiritual component now thereby making oneself closer to Transition.

I bless you, my dear, for a wise and mindful approach to every single person!

By this you will also save yourself from mockery and at the same time will help people embark on the way of creation and development new to them.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 13, 2021.

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