LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Leaving comfort zone)

life-on-new-earth-leaving-comfort-zoneGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message, now I would like to talk about what else prevents people from ultimate revival and seeing everything that takes place in the raw.

It is mental laziness of the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population and their unwillingness to leave comfort zone.

Besides, what is at issue is not some exceptional comfort but rather well-arranged lifestyle that one does not want to change, with everything running its usual course.

From time immemorial people by intuition hide from everything unknown or frightening into their “shell” – their usual world that is dear to them even if they see all the flaws of its.

The same happens now.

This is what the world puppeteers staked on making people do what they are ordered in exchange for their usual lifestyle guaranteed.

As you see, the supporters of whole planet’s population digitizing are moving on to the final stage of their operation.

Many countries have already introduced restrictions on entry into their territories without coronavirus tests and are doing their best to introduce general mandatory vaccination this time.

And while it is possible to renounce trips, it is a tragedy indeed for many people to lose their jobs.

That is why in some countries people are confronted with a choice: keep working and get vaccinated or get dismissed.

Is it weakness if one chooses the first option?

If one is absolutely unaware of what is happening on Earth now and all the information conveyed by the official sources takes for gospel, it is not weakness but a natural response of a third dimension world person living according to its laws.

They even do not suspect there can be some trick and treats their boss’s suggestion as care for their subordinates’ health.

As a rule, such people are impossible to make change their mind – they sacredly believe they are right and will do anything not to get deprived of their usual way of life.

While if one heard about the vaccines being harmful and doubts about officials’ actions being illegitimate crept in one’s soul, one is really to make a CHOICE: to give in or to do as one’s Soul advises.

If one chooses the first option, one does not lose anything and goes living same as before, if one chooses the second option total uncertainty awaits one, a new job search and fear for oneself and one’s family.

And this is a hard choice indeed: a genuine test for ones power of Spirit and Belief in one’s abilities, and if such a person chooses the first option – it is weakness now that means they have failed the durability test.

And the third option is that one is perfectly well aware of who and for what reasons make them get vaccinated , and one will never agree to it under any circumstances fully realizing the consequences of one’s actions.

This person will not be scared by anything now even by dismissal from work or their relatives’ censure since self-respect and their existence is based on realizing themselves as being God’s particle and they will not exchange their Soul for any earthly riches.

We have considered the example most urgent at present when one faces a crucial choice indeed that entails a huge amount of consequences both negative – in the former case, and positive one if one makes the right decision.

And I bless you, my dear, not to miss the chance so unique for every person – to make Transition to the Fifth dimension, which will enable you to deliver your Soul from unceasing wondering in the third density worlds.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 13, 2021.

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