global-energy-shiftGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and tell you about the global energy shift that is showing on Earth.

Those of you who feel energies keenly probably have already experienced its effect on yourselves.

This huge energy tide wave influences everyone in a different way.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population will feel it in a negative way both physically and morally.

It is especially true about vaccinated people and those whose vibrations are still completely at the level of the third density.

Why is it this segment of your planet’s population that suffers most?

The reason, first of all, is that this high vibration wave is literally forcing them out beyond the energy space of Earth.

To make it easy to visualize imagine the ocean surf, with its waves throwing out onto the shore all the unnecessary and dirty things that have accumulated in its waters.

The same way due to by far the strongest high vibration “surf” your planet is self-cleansing getting rid of energy “litter” which is people whose conscience is still at the level that prevents them from making Transition to the Fifth dimension.

While those who have managed to “pull up” their vibrations to the level of the renewed Earth with each next breaking wave will invariably soar up remaining at its crest longer and longer.

The surf often takes out stones to the shore as well.

And now “stones” like these are low vibration souls of heavy energy profile.

But there are also those who are swinging with the “waves”. They are pure high vibration souls that like balloons easily keep at the water surface.

What external manifestations of this energy process should you expect in the nearest future?

Before all, still more intensified encouragement of fear for the part of the Dark Forces whose grip power and money are still in.

This energy wave is “breaking” them against the ground in the surf zone so vehemently that they are literally “crying with pain”, which at the physical level is expressed as their by far the most absurd actions and still more apparent aggression in respect of the Light Forces’ representatives on Earth.

The struggle between Good and Evil on your planet has reached it’s the very last final stage indeed.

And it is showing now so apparently and clearly that more and more people start seeing its actual essence.

Well, my dear, how should you behave at this moment crucial to you?

Try to use the image offered by me as an energy “tool”.

As often as possible imagine yourselves being a soft and movable silhouette rarified to the upmost that is readily rising to the crest of the wave enjoying the flight.

And let such height not frighten you but, on the contrary, make you still more reassured that this powerful energy wave will carry you to another shore now – that of the Fifth dimension that you are striving for so much.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 3, 2022.

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