ASCENSION IN ACTION (Self-appraisal)

ascension-in-action-self-appraisalGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more personal trait that represents a 3D make-shift in notions.

It has to do with your perception of yourselves.

In other words, we will talk about your self-appraisal.

It is the personal trait that is most susceptible of perception duality and there is a reason for that.

Since childhood you have been provided with some basis for certain human relation patterns that you develop later on in adult life.

As time goes on you get more and more used to the patterns treating them as your strong beliefs.

It will be easier for you to understand the way it works with the following example.

You have been taught since childhood it is beneficial to do the way adults tell you because it will bring you good.

At every turn one can hear “This is such a nice obedient child! And that one is not nice because it is disobedient!”

Gradually it penetrates your subconsciousness and in order to be or seem good you try to be obedient, please adults adjusting to their views and manners.

It works due to the programmes introduced into human consciousness by the Draconians who are aimed at nothing else but turning human beings into impersonal submissive crowd.

It goes on at school, university, work where you try to please teachers, professors and bosses to be good in the eyes of them.

Everything seems to be nice and decent from human point of view.

Does it seem the same from the Divine point of view?

It certainly doesn’t, for one’s age should be determined not by the number of years lived on Earth but by the age of Soul.

And it’s not seldom for great mature souls to be born into a family of souls who have just joined a 3D world.

Since early age these mature souls have realized they are not like all the rest being polar opposites of their parents who go with the stream and feel at home in the standardized society that treat all alike.

Such children’s self-appraisal doesn’t depend on anybody else’s opinion. They can listen to their hearts, trust their intuition and true wishes.

This is what often leads to conflicts and confrontation between people.

If parents try to break these children the latter tend to become outsiders with low self-appraisal.

But if they succeed in keeping their individuality no-touch they will get opportunity to break away from this circle and encourage others to do the same, those who also understand viciousness of depersonalization system and try to create different environment by finding remarkable and outstanding people, usually souls as mature.

This is what is happening on your planet now. And many of those reading this message are precisely the souls who are leading the way in attempts to break away from the old world.

My dear ones, I believe, that your self-appraisal doesn’t depend on opinions of the people around you any more and you feel self-sufficient, quite capable of taking responsibility for your life, not feeling chosen at the same time or looking down on young souls who have just started lifting up the spiritual ladder.

This is what the Divine self-appraisal component means: it is wise and balanced, based on deep knowledge of Soul and free of imposed social patterns.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on April 19, 2018

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