ASCENSION IN ACTION (Love to one’s neighbor)

ascention-in-action-love-to-ones-neighborGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s carry on with the topic started in my previous message.

And, first of all, I would like to explain to you what Love to one’s neighbour means in terms of the Divine.

In the world of duality it is often substituted for notions practical by nature such as care, guardianship, control, desire to promote one’s education and employment searching for the pie counter which makes one fairly well-to-do and free from troubles and sorrows.

It mostly appears to be the desire to make one keep up with others and fit generally accepted standards of happiness, success and wellbeing.

It sounds too familiar, doesn’t it?

And now let’s trace where this sort of love leads to.

The most usual example to cite is the way parents treat their child.

If parents still belong to the world of duality they will abuse their child with the idea of well-paid job for carefree existence. They will try to influence their child’s education choice in order to achieve the best results from their point of view.

The child’s interests and wishes, as a rule, are not taken into consideration. And if one lacks determination to disobey one’s parents and get one’s own way, it will make all the difference for one’s Soul wrecking its initial plan.

It results in the wrong environment, the wrong job, contacts with the wrong people and even the money one makes doesn’t bring any satisfaction because at heart one knows they live someone else’s life.

Unfortunately, wise and tactful parents are rare to come across and only an outstanding person of considerable determination and talent dares not to take one’s parents’ practical advice and to dedicate their life to their Soul’s mission in spite of the fact it doesn’t bring them much money.

Thus, a family is a dual world model in which some people overwhelm others out of good intentions which they call “paternal love”.

What about paternal love in terms of the Divine?

Before all, it’s deep respect to one’s children’s personalities, treating them as one’s equals and independent creatures.

This kind of attitude is of great importance nowadays, for a lot of mature souls arrive on the planet, those who are to create a new 5D Earth way of life.

Parents should study carefully their children’s gifts for sciences and arts, their habits of mind and traits of character from early days.

And the only thing parents are allowed is to give a piece of advice if they know it will help to achieve the goals children have already set by themselves.

True paternal love means to let children overcome difficulties taking pains and winning a glorious victory of their own. This is the only way for the victory to gain its true value.

Excessive care and guardianship deprive children of this opportunity, impede their spiritual growth and, therefore, prevent them from living their own life. No matter how difficult this life seems to be in its unique experience it is a pearl of great price in Soul’s crown as it facilitates the shift to the next level of personal development.

Here we stop for today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on April 18, 2018

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