ASCENSION IN ACTION (Reappraisal of values)

ascension-in-action-reappraisal-of-valuesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to explain to you why I draw your particular attention to the character traits that impede your spiritual growth.

My dear ones, the fact is that lots of common virtues for centuries have been made out of personal traits that are not worth of it at all.

But the secret and skillful manner of making this obstructs drawing a distinction between responsibility and guilt, love and ownership and control, practical approach and greediness, respect to the senior and subordination and dependence on them.

The list is to be continued…

You already know there was an intentional make-shift in values in order to keep human’s consciousness in fear and submission.

Being one of the most destructive energy in the world, fear is a unique multifaceted tool in pulling strings and manipulating humans irrespective of their sex, age and social background.

It is high time to call a spade a spade lifting the veil of insincerity, hypocrisy and cynicism as well as revealing the true virtues and recognizing the people affected by this make-shift.

Let’s cite an example and study the case of an honest, kind, decent and extremely devoted person of the 3D world.

One seems to be a paragon of virtue, don’t they?

One is thought to be a man of good will, an obedient inhabitant of the world of duality with its rules and regulations, supporting the poor and the deprived, thinking of oneself least of all.

Does this kind of people ever turn out to be really happy?

Remember how often you say “He is such a nice person but things usually go wrong for him for some reason”?

And now let’s study the case in terms of the Laws of the Universe – the ones that are known to differ greatly from those of the world of duality. It will make clear why such a nice person turns out to be so unlucky.

This is mostly caused by the fact that this person loses one’s distinct personality unique in its beauty. It is eclipsed by other people’s personalities while one tries to meet artificial make-shift value standards.

Consequently, one lives someone else’s life solving other people’s problems – one’s family members’, friends’ and relatives’ and, in some cases, complete strangers’.

It results in one’s vigorous interference with their destiny, impeding their growth and evolution, preventing them from gaining their own experience and exploring life’s diversity with its joy and happiness, troubles and sorrows.

But one changes the pattern of one’s life as well, reshaping it according to 3D world generally accepted fashion.

In my next message, my dear ones, I will tell you how to tell character traits that are commonly known as real virtues from true human manifestations of the Divine. For instance, real love from care, friendly involvement from guardianship and control, true kindness from a show of kindness…

Now I say goodbye to you.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on April 17, 2018

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