transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-the-first-stepsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about the way you can get rid of the habit to act in a mechanical pattern-like manner.

So, let us cite some examples of it.

Perhaps, one of the most stereotyped reactions is that of adults’ to children’s behaviour.

Thus, when a child falls down adults get scared and rush themselves to help them on their feet.

If a child cries, they start soothing them.

When a child breaks a toy, they start scolding them for this.

And there is a great many of adult-child relations patterns like this.

Unfortunately, they are not as innocuous as they may seem since a child getting accustomed to such stereotyped reactions in their turn starts building their own relation patterns in consistence with the life experience already gained.

Is there a way to change it?

Of course, when a child is very young it is extremely important for them to feel parents’ love and protection but when they grow older and their character begins to shape it is essential not to lose time and introduce some corrections into their upbringing.

For example, if a child stumbles and falls, instead of rushing to them with a worried expression on the face and help them on their feet try to behave unconventionally.

Certainly, by no means should you laugh at them, which can offend them and decrease their self-esteem.

You had better think of some funny reason why the child has fallen turning everything into an exciting adventure.

And even if the child gets some scratches you can turn medical treatment into a game.

It is important that the child sees you are not worried and it is not that frightening to fall but they had better be careful next time.

This way gradually, not seeing fear in your eyes each time something unpleasant happens to them, they will not cry any more since tears have to do more with fear than pain. While pain will be overcome thanks to you in a calm and courageous manner…

Just as unconventional can be your reaction to a broken toy.

Instead of telling the child off for this or, on the contrary, soothing them by promises to buy one just the same you can get surprised, sorry, perplexed…

The main thing is that it should be CALM reaction.

And then check together if you can fix it and do your best to let the child join the process.

In this case they will feel their responsibility and involvement in the events taking place.

Yet, if it is impossible to fix the toy, this experience will also be beneficial to them – they will be more careful and attentive from now on.

I have made the simplest examples for you, my dear, just to show how easy it is to change spontaneous stereotyped reaction featuring negative energies to wise and calm attitude to the things taking place that plunge both you and the child into quite different energies – those of high vibrations and of creative nature.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 8, 2020.

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