LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Being one with planet)

life-on-new-earth-being-one-with-planetGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the Fifth dimension man and will speak about their interaction with nature, elements, the animal and vegetable kingdom of the renewed Earth.

As you already know, your life in a new high vibration space will drastically change not only in spiritual terms, but your physical existence will occur in quite different conditions, too.

Not only man will throw off the load of the past – all the negative energies and programmes of the third dimension world.

Earth will also get the second wind due to people using highly developed extraterrestrial technologies in all the spheres of life.

Her flesh will not be tortured by mining for minerals, her air will not be poisoned by toxic fumes of chemical enterprises and her water bodies not polluted by industrial wastes will gain their primeval purity.

Thanks to this your planet will revive and will make people happy with her beauty and natural gifts.

And, of course, the main role in this will be played by the Fifth dimension people’s attitude towards their Mother Earth.

The people who will make Transition will be living in a complete Unity with their planet.

They will feel her as they feel themselves: her energy, her needs, her Soul…

And such an energy and spiritual Unity will result in a harmonious Divine union of Earth and her children.

The land will be worked on by the people who not simply love her but protect her from any harmful influence.

There will be some kind of energy interaction and mutual understanding at the intuition level between them.

Just as people will start communicating in a telepathic way, so they will be “talking” to Earth as well receiving her answers as clairvoyance and keen intuition understanding.

Farming will become a fascinating and really magic activity participated by both people and Earth.

Earth will give clues and hints that people will instantly take and in accordance with them coordinate their further actions.

As a result, with the least physical expenditure humanity will get plentiful harvest of wonderful crops, vegetables and fruit.

There will appear a lot of new sorts of plants and fruit you do not know yet, which will enrich your nourishment to a large degree that from now on will be vegetarian and pranic.

What is pranic nourishment?

It does not necessarily mean total rejection of food, as many imagine it to be.

You cannot deny, my dear, that food for you is one of the main pleasures of life, and you should not renounce this enjoyment on the new Earth.

But healthy organic high vibration products of farming contain prana themselves – the Divine energy that all the space of the Fifth dimension Earth is imbued with.

Natural gifts are a symbiosis of pure prana and fruits themselves, which gives people not only excellent sensations but also makes them strong and healthy.

In the Fifth dimension one can choose for oneself: whether to feed on prana only, which will suit those indifferent to food or to enjoy the gifts of Earth, which will turn into a real paradise for gourmets and those keen on cooking exquisite dishes.

Thus, even in respect of food preferences there will be shown the Freedom of choice in accordance with your personal taste.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 9, 2020.

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