REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (How to gain victory not violating the Laws of the Universe)

reptiloids-and-clones-how-to-gain-victory-not-violating-the-laws-of-the-universeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s go on talking about your new conscience and this time let’s discuss how efficient can it be in changing your own life and the life of your planet.

I see that many of you still feel unsure of it being possible.

But it is high time, my dear ones, to switch from theory to practice in earnest.

Now the future of the planet depends on each of you, for the confrontation between reptiloids and humans is increasing as ever.

And I would like you to understand where lies the border between your Unconditional Love to any living being on Earth and your right for self-identification that is, by far and large, your right for life.

I see that it is difficult for you to find the golden mean so as not to go to extremes and maintain high frequency vibrations realizing the danger you are exposed to by reptiloids.

So, how should you behave in a difficult situation like this not violating the Laws of the Universe for the highest good of all?

First of all, you should accept “the rules of the game” with no aggression and censure.

Reptiloids have been living by your side for thousands of years.

They have also become its integral part but their conscience has a consumerism programme imposed on it that applies to the planet and to human beings – its rightful inhabitants.

And while treating reptiloids as something unavoidable your task is to get the better of them protecting yourselves and your dear Earth.

They are supported by the dark forces and all the astral world, whereas you are supported by the Forces of Light and your Galaxy family.

The forces are obviously unequal, for Light always dissolves Darkness.

To make it happen as soon as possible the Forces of Light need assistants on Earth – the humans being embodied.

Fortunately, the number of the assistants is increasing with every single day.

Secondly, you should avoid direct confrontation with these creatures since they have in hand all tools of human control – authorities and financial institutions.

You can defeat them only IN TERMS OF ENERGY.

Do always remember that in spite of all their achievements and setting total control over humans in the 3D world in high frequency energies they become weak and helpless as they can’t withstand them due to their “earthly” origin.

While you, my dear ones, have another – Divine – power which means your ability for Unconditional Love that is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

There coming a unique period on Earth: confrontation of energies not military forces, political parties or social revolutions.

The 3D world methods are not effective any more and provide reptiloids only with a short-term respite of their power on Earth downfall.

But so as to speed up the process of their physical plane demise each human being should raise their vibration frequency as much as possible and maintain its stability with no swings.

And finally, don’t talk much about this especially with unprepared people but just quietly do your job unnoticed: maintain high vibration frequency and fill everything around with the Divine energies making the range of Their action larger and larger.

This is how you can oppose the alien influence of reptiloids on your life doing no harm to anyone and protecting yourselves and your native planet at the same time.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on January 17, 2019

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