WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Responsibility for every thought, emotion and action)

window-on-new-world-responsibility-for-every-thought-emotion-and-actionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to come back to the talk on collective human conscience again.

Why do I lay such great emphasis on this issue?

It is mainly for you to realize all your responsibility for each thought, emotion and action of yours.

We have talked more than once with you about the fact that even one light person finding themselves in a company of the people who are possessed with passions can transform the energies that hold sway over there into positive ones.

Sometimes they even do not need words for this since the energy of Love overflowing them dissolves the low vibration energies of the people around itself.

The same way you fill collective human conscience with high vibration energies at the same time dissolving the negative energies it contains when you are overflowing with Love, Gratitude and Sympathy.

Always remember that all of you are a single whole with collective conscience through which you are connected with every human being on Earth.

In other words, collective conscience is some kind of an energy storage that constantly changes its vibrations depending on what it gets from without.

And at the moment when the quantity of high vibration energies outweighs its low vibration ones, collective conscience can advance to a new level and sometimes to another dimension, which must happen to your planet in the shortest time.

But since this process has got procrastinated because of the fact that the third dimension world with all its attributes took too deep root in people’s minds, now you are getting unceasing support from without as a flow of high vibration energies.

And as collective human conscience is in the subtle bodies of Earth, this flow inevitably passes through it before reaching the surface and every single individual.

This way you receive the energy infeed you need for your revival and that is intensified by the might of collective human conscience.

This process is unique, too, as well as Ascension itself because everything usually takes place in a closed energy exchange system of the planet’s inhabitants and their collective conscience.

The support from without is also provided to you to turn the tide on Earth as in recent years the tension has become critical because of the unwillingness of the Dragon reptiles and Orions to let the “prey” slip out of their hands.

Such energies are fatal “overdose” for them, which they are completely aware of.

And so as to maintain the low level of vibrations on Earth vital to them, they are multiplying human pain and sorrow with every single day spreading chaos everywhere that sometimes reaches the point of absurdity now.

I know, my dear, how hard it can be to keep emotionally uninvolved into the tragic events especially for those of you who have been influenced by them directly this time and, yet, under the most complicated circumstances try to remain wise and calm so as not to nourish with your negative emotions those who are striving to get them so much.

Remember that, still, “one man can win a war” – each of you can outweigh your collective conscience scale pan in favour of Light thereby speeding up the Transition of humanity to the Fifth dimension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 1, 2023.

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